Globalisation Facade

Here's how I see a problem with Canadian corporate globalization. You go to the web page. It takes a few clicks to get to Canada and to sign in to do some online banking. A waste of time. We should be able to click onto and sign into Canadian online banking right away.

Their first page has all this blah blah blah about who we are, careers, etc. Why do we have to select a country when most of their business is done by Canadians and the govt gives them a protected domestic market? The bank appears to favour no country on its web page, but the country gives the bank tremendous favours.

RBC. What do you want to Create? (external - login to view)
lone wolf
I just save the online banking page
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I just save the online banking page

Sure, that's personally convenient, but it also avoids the point. Their web page says very little that they are from Canada. The country that made them. Capitalists have very little loyalty to their own counrtry it seems.
RBC? That would be Royal Bandits would it?
Only take one click to Coperate profile to get the whole history, The biggest diversified bank in Canada in over 50 countries.

As a stockholder they are doing a good job making money and look forward to increased dividend payments.
L Gilbert
RBC stands for the Royal Bank of 50 Countries?

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