Big Brother is watching ,so are "They"

How far is too far when it comes to officials of "the system" over seeing the "peoples" public/private affairs...?

How much power should Big Biz /Big Gov /Boss /Big Brother/They ... have over the peoples public and private lives/affair?

Do New internet laws/regulations expand into marketing ?.Freedom of information..?That amateur video .E-Book,E-Mail..Music/Lyrics...Britney Spears/Lady Gaga's advertising agency ..Anyone Marketing their product or giving "Questionable" information to anonymous teenagers?...A Twitter's Tweet to an unknown follower Blocked? ..A blog/ website holding unsavory information about someone that ,that "someone" ..doesn't/didn't like?..
Shut it down?...

How far should the long arm of the law be able to reach into our P.C.'s/Lap tops/Cell phones.Personal converstions... etc..?.
Where does Censorship /Security/ law enforcement become invasive ?..Cross the line into invasion of privacy?Intrude on /Interfere with the General Publics Rights and Freedoms/ An Individuals Personal Rights and Freedoms..?
The more I read all the new internet laws and regulations comin into force through older laws.........The More I begin to see Big biz and ,"out of Touch" Ignorant Governments throttling the individuals internet without fully understanding how the internet works..Without fully grasping all the great possiblities and potential a "free" Global internet has to offer .....
The internet and computer was designed for ; Gathering ,Calculating,Processessing,Storing and Sharing Information..
Most of all. .. "THEY" don't seem to fully understand what the long term effects of their Broad/over reaching laws will have, on the future success, of cyberspace, and its dedicated/loyal /Fee paying explorers.
They recklessly rush around, as if intentionally looking for any law or regulation they can find and subtly change , bend, toward some alternative ,hidden agenda.Anything that will stomp on the general publics freedoms .Even if it includes using alterior language and motives. Shady contraversial practices under "Contraversial ,Exploitive , suggestive " headings.
Too often legalese is misused and altered to serve other, "Broad spanning" interests/"far reaching" purposes. Crafters of such legal documents usually end up personally benefiting from the newly added vagueness , foreign ,incomprehensible legal jargon,tongue twisting words,and mind boggling phrases..Only to succeed in creating and exposing even more gapping loop holes and Grey areas to be filled ,sent through loops,confused to contraversy , tied up into knots , by other clever apprentices of literacy , word witchs and wizards......Knowing few will ever dare, care to question , or explore any further, all the underlying implications , within the documents mystifying contents ..
In the end , all these changes never seem to accomplish or ammount to anything substantial, in the area it was originally proposed and designed for..Loosing its real genuine reason, true/ honest sense of good purpose .Always seems to have its roots based in Money ,Power ,Control .Steming out to enforce /impose it's will, upon its Slave drones . To abuse its newly aquired, ultimate, unbridled force over the general public and the whole of Cyberspace ...
There are many laws that protect/prevent people from becoming victums of criminal acts..It's when these laws themselves are exploited by Law makers /security /gov /big biz inorder to pass new ,shady ,( would normally be) contraversial internet regulations that infridge on everyones freedoms.All Under the banner/label " Contraversial ,Exploitive , suggestive ,Lurring Predator,terrorist.crisis .War On..Fear ..Panick...."..
Google?...Wonder if Google will have to change their name because it's suggestive..HMMM....
Let's see ....Say your...Googling someone on twitter and bringin them back to your.."myspace" page to show them somethin'..Listen to a song.........Could this be defined as lurring ?!..Sure, why not ?.... ..If ."Sargent Security " Thinks so ..."THEY'll " shut ya down!..Throttled!.Kicked Offline ..Fine is in the mail...For talkin to An Undesirable..... and because that song sucks! !....
Let's just say your Leadin and Showin some" New Unknown" user Around "You Tube "...showin them various Vids ....and BAM!!...That's Unacceptable material ...Shut down..! ,cut off line and monitored regularly by " Big Brother"..."THEM".."THE WATCHERS!"......
Or ...What if .
..Say ..I dont know.....You go to A friends "face book "page to check out there threads and wares...?..What if you find out they have just "Unfriended"... you..Is that UNACCEPTABLE PREDATORY BEHAVIOR!!....TRESPASSING!...
Busted !...By the 3rd man down from the currently Acting ,Head of Internet security, in Buckton ,Texas.... ..IP Daily , Blasts You...."Hey ..What' you doin' there..!?...Hidin' somethin there?.What have you got to hide?....Paranoid?..Why ya Twitchin.?...Where're your hands.!..LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS!,..Place them on the keyboard, where I can see them !..I've been Googlin you all day .Checkin you out...And I've decided ..You don't look right to me ....and... I don't like what your watching .....or where I think your headin......So That's it !...Cut off line!..Shut Down..Disconnected..!..Get outta here.!.Don't come round these parts no more..Hear?!"
Better keep an eye out for "THEY".."THEM"..."THE WATCHERS"..."BIG BROTHER.." the " OVER SEE'ERS!...CUZ THEY could be WATCHIN'!..Followin' your every move.. If they feel whatever you are doing is "Unacceptable".."Slanderous".."Predatory"."Ins ulti ng"..."Invasive"..."Just Plain Crazy"".Lurring." "Spelt wrong "..."Trepassing" :..Or Perhaps , you and your Damned, Dirty Rotten computer are just .."Out of date ..Too Slow .With nothing good to say about anything ....".....They'll throttle you, shut ya down, Kick ya offline.They'll come to your home,take your computer.Throw it on the ground ...Kick you when your down..!.Take your computer back to the lab and let everyone in the office check out your personal stuff...While your sitting there Handcuffed to the chair..Watching as everyone Laughs, at you ,as they Scold you ,before throwin ya in jail .......".HA.HA ..What have ya got to say for yourself now..Smart guy.?."........
Until they find you rightfully innocent in a court of law..!...(With the proper defense..)
"Ooops..Sorry bout that ...Your free to go ...By the Way ..I like the pic of you and your mom..Nice lookin wife and family .Givem my best would ya . ....And ..oh by the way ...Here's your computer back..." Legal advisor/Attorney at law/prosecutor/evidence handler /public relations representative , Hue "Styles"Bitchly ,Coldly apologizes ,Stone faced...
Ok ...Ok .Might be stretchin it a little ..Gettin off track ...I apologize ...
But ..
It's when The laws become so broad and far reaching ,enforcers begin to make victums out of the innocent .That's when laws become ineffective ..That's when the whole System Crashs !

Laws that genuinely work towards preventing true crime and the exploitation of vulnerable ,innocent victums is always welcome ..Justice must be enforced...As long as .. New Rules /Regulations/Laws/ Bills are clearly labelled and used for what they were originally intended for ..and no more. Or the diluted document's true purpose will be mostly ineffective , proven delusive ... Next to impossible to enforce..Counter productive and would lead to the demise ,and to the ultimate end of a great/useful information gathering and sharing tool..The internet..
I hope Freedom fighters and Privacy advocates are watching "The watchers" closely ,and will not be forced to silence / Censored from giving their opposing input on any contraversial issues concerning the peoples, hard fought, Rights and Personal Freedoms...!

#2 (external - login to view) - Big Brother's watching: The secret CCTV bunker that monitors our every move
Supreme Court eases restrictions on corporate campaign spending - (external - login to view)

Power to the people.(as long as your Big Biz employer says it's ok)..If corporations support a candidate ..It better be transparent...May I suggest sew on badges/symbol placed on the politicians suit ,next to his/her name?..How about an online registry?

1 of many potential problems I can see, is if big oil, banks or insurance companies publically supported a candidate ,and the candidate was required to disclose all big sponsors publically..They would never get elected.."They" know it..

Now on the other hand if a candidate was sponsored by Green/Clean Tech companies ..The people would stand in lines for miles to vote.. lol...However in the U.S. election system .The peoples vote only goes so far as it is now..

1984 by George Orwell. Search, Read, Study, Discuss. (external - login to view) - Orson Wells - 1984 - Keeps getting more eerily real as time progresses.. (external - login to view)

Good TV show ..but take it for what it is ...A Medium - An influencial tool looking for ratings and followers..... (external - login to view) - Web bot (external - login to view) - Twitter - uses same type of "web bot idea."....As do search engines and other Social network sites...Browsers(through 3rd party groups)

But can "THEY" predict the future?
 Consensus can create A Truth -Doesn't mean it's THE Truth .Unless people in powerful positions(Leaders), use info/energy, to create momentum ,to make consensus/popular opinion happen.For good or bad/Better or worse..For 1 ,few,or all ..Anything can be altered and changed using same info/energy anytime . To get a Greater Truth ..Still not necessarily An absolute Truth ..
Eg. of Self fulfulling prophecy = Markets and Advertisers influencing outcome .
= People for the most part, following behind others...Going with the flow..Following the system in place...Or 1 person believing in 1 thing so much /ignoring everything else..Can Make a false truth(? craziness/insanity/Genius ) ..
What does webbot/do prophets /futurists say about/ after 2012? - Lots of stuff..
How much was/is/will be true? ...Hard to say...

Nastradomus - 45% right , for those who believe(d) he was/is a true prophet ...

..Seeing that webbot won't exist after 2012 according to its own prediction. ...Does it/can it predict it's own demise?.Stop and change it from happening ?...Sure ...Why not ?..
If everyone gets together and decides something should not exist .Will it?/Does it?..Sure ..Why not ?..

If a predicting tool( web bot / market tools/some formula) does know / can predict its own future /demise ..What can /will it and its users do, to prevent its demise...?

These are a few of the issues that we(humans) run into when trying to predict the future(fate/destiny)..
The future can always be changed, to a point / 0/equal/balance/ line/1...Although there are higher energies and influences that no one can observe or alter .A greater Truth ...Depending on 1's perspective and position of observation....
Then there is the Absolute Truth ..
The truth = The proven Solution ....
The Proven solution/outcome = The Absolute Truth ...

"You know you can't look at the sun without shielding your eyes" - Lyrics from a new song I wrote..1 absolute truth ..
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."... That's an absolute truth
Math has made the search for Absolute Truths.. A Precise Science ..But only as far as our tested observation can percieve..

left+ Right = 1 brain .

U make what you become ,so do others , as well as your surrounding environment .

Science explains it all best through many different fields of study ...

Left + Right Brain + Knowing and understandings the above statements ..Leads to 1 body/mind/(soul).. ...

Absolute Truth ...We exist..and we'll die..Still there's room for surprise -
Here's the theories of everything ...
1.Relativity - (external - login to view)
2.Quantumm - (external - login to view)
3.Complexity - (external - login to view)
4.Chaos - (external - login to view)
5.New String theory - (external - login to view)

There ....Does that make everything/"the future" any clearer.?.. ...

Who knows what's to come , what will be , Fade Away ...but
Let's hope it screams and yells ,long before it's almost over...- "Waiting till the end" - see beginning of thread .. (external - login to view)

 Everything is Energy and Information ...The rest is recyclable waste...

Believe in/it...Or not ...

No 1 Wants/knows it all ..

In 1 peace or in pieces ..

I choose (as do most)

Peace...and that's the truth ..

If they're monitoring me to discover what I'm doing they are wasting their time, I haven't got the faintest idea.
lol - That was a predictable and truthful comment ...jkn' of course ......Rock on! Electric universe..
How Countries Are Regulating Internet Content (external - login to view) - Internet Laws and regulations ..

Internet users could be banned over illegal downloads - Times Online (external - login to view) - France has passed a strict copyright policy -

"They" just aren't gettin it ..Those who try to control the info on the internet, for profit, and nothing else. Will box themselves into a corner until they are forgotten .Big Gov/Big Biz .Hate it when they don't get their way/the attention "THEY" demand....Consequneces Can be Scary ..

The day Big Gov/Big Biz control/regulate /the internet s the day the system crashs..

Those who keep the internet open for global use..Will be the next leaders...Let's hope it's all inclusive ..

The internet was designed for Gathering ,Calculating,Processessing,Storing and Sharing Information..

Here's the paradox...If it's alright for them to watch us(3rd parties included)...Is it alright for us to watch them ?

As an independent musician ..I give all my music away for free..Hope people come to my site and any shows I might have....for a small fee at the door /or online you can have everything for free ..All inclusive..V.I.P

Is the future..

As A world leader ...I'd be talkin to other world leaders on the peoples behalf ..


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CNBC Special: Big Brother, Big Business - CNBC TV- (external - login to view) - Big Brother , Big Buisness... Should be an interesting Program...
"Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man,letís try something different;take my pound of flesh " J Stacks..

Joseph Stack's suicide note | Richard Adams | World news | (external - login to view) - Plane Crashes into Building in Texas ..

Austin news, sports, weather, Longhorns, business | (external - login to view) - J. Stacks Suicide Note ..

As horrible as it might sound , It was the Suicide note that got my attention .(1 other presumed dead )...

"Keep an eye out for the future..Can't just throw the past away..What's here 2 day ,will bring tommorrow
...Tommorow means another day..!" Odds R Evolution, song "What's In the Jar?"

Always Gotta try to move positively forward...As hard as that seems nowadays..With all the Big Biz/Big Gov..B.S Games.. Don't let the negativity eat you away ..

Never surrender, or things will never have a chance to get Better...

Joe Depinto: 7-11 CEO Undercover Boss | NowPublic News Coverage (external - login to view) - notta bad idea at all ..Rewarding the good for a job well done makes good business sense..Wonder What happens to the rest?..They become Temp Workers I imagine...Watch out for Bosses , undercover.. Ultimatley I think it's a good show..Worth watching .. - Somethin to keep an eye on ...We all know gov is broken ...Let's find solutions on how to fix it.. My recommendation is Green/Clean Tech ...But of course..

Fact Check: Cyberattack threat - (external - login to view)

YouTube - Cyber Attack Simulation From CNN GNN And Federal Government

- Gnn Simulated cyber attack ..A little artificial /B rated ..(Thankfully) ..However the Risks of a Large Scale Cyber Attack is becoming more possible with every upgrade...

We are becoming increasingly dependent on our technology. So tests and programs such as the thread above are necessary and something all should consider/watch/learn from, and work to prevent .

Don't leave it all up to Big Gov/Big Biz to secure your internet ...Take steps to protect your own identity , back up your important files somewhere safe...Always have a Plan "B"
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Google threatens to pull out of China - The Globe and Mail

Only way Google can truly be a Global search engine is if the info's open to everyone .. unfair for China to have access to global tool without being open to everyone ..Own ppl included..

To shut china out , if they don't open up ..Is the only way Google can be an open Global market..
Google China's Hong Kong Work-Around [Update] | Dan's FC Blog | Fast Company (external - login to view) - Update on Google - China relations




...yeah ..yeah
Is it "THEY" or "THEM"?

I prefer THEM.

Scroll up to 3:16 for best effect.

YouTube - THEM

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She is watching The Detectives
It's so cute
Watching The Detectives
Oh they shoot shoot shoot
They beat him up until the teardrops start
You can't be wounded when you've got no heart.
Ol' B rated Sci Fi/Horror ..Gotta lovem' ..I'll add "Them" to my collection....

FreeMason's ..Now there's a history shrouded in secrecy ..Pretty interesting stuff though ...Who are "they"..I've done some research on "them" ... or I mean " They " (?)in the past ...I learned things I swore I'd never tell .....

YouTube - Rowdy Roddy piper in THEY LIVE

- Don't fool yourself .."They live" everywhere...

YouTube - Tripod Attack

- Keep an Eye out for these "They" ..

But my biggest concern of all...Shhh , gotta keep it down so "They" don't hear ...( what wazat ))

Are These

YouTube - Police Spy Drone

YouTube - US Drone Planes


Don't forget all the eye's in the Sky/Space .." They" are everywhere ...and there's no Tears in a virtual eye ...

Oh ...No ...I've said too much ..Gotta go ..." They" re here.... ...

Real life is far stranger/freakier than fiction ..even Science fiction ...
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While I'm clutterin' my thread up with conspiracies ..Might as well throw in one on the illuminati as well ...Can't leave " Them" out ..although "They" are all 1 and the same (from what I hear)..All related to " Big Brother" he is to "They"...Big G , Mama Gia/Mary(sister, if you'd rather) , and their son J.C..

YouTube - Illuminati Symbolism In Movies NEW VERSION - MUST SEE ALL OF VIDEO - High Definition

P.E.U ... Person/Earth/Universe

In 1 peace or in pieces?...


Over and out there from here...For now....
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Gallery: The Goods, May 2010 | Popular Science (external - login to view) - Now you too can own an eye in the sky ...
Upcoming Shows - Coast to Coast AM (external - login to view) -

For Super natural /paranormal /Lucid Dreams/Aliens /Angels/Other Energy entities /out there oddities /New age philosophy check out Coast to Coast with George Nooray ...Often Good listening for all you night dwellers..
" They " and Big brother are watching YOU !

77 new cameras in Toronto for G20 - Canada - (external - login to view)


Man mistakenly suspected of child porn | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun - Good thing he was Clear/Clean ....Your never really alone .." They "and " Big Brother are watching ..

'Bless You Does Not Compute': Man becomes infected by computer virus | Thane Burnett | Columnists | News | Toronto Sun -
Why ?

Feds look to pounce on online misinformation - Yahoo! Canada News

The Canadian Press: Bureaucrats eyeing online forums to correct misinformation (external - login to view)

- Accurate info ?..According to Who (Whom) ?...Where do you get your info ?..Who controls the information you read ..?

I say let the People Mind their own mouths ..

Gov/Most Media/Big Biz interest groups seem to have selective hearing , live in their own word of controled B.S. ...Believe it or not?

Do you buy into what their selling you ?

Get set to pay iTax | Canada | News | Winnipeg Sun (external - login to view) - The sun claimed it was an April fools Joke ...Hmmm April fools Joke ...Really ?

"In" us and " through " us " They " live
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Bilderberg Group - Crystalinks (external - login to view) - The Bilderberg Group
In Between Man
Hey GreenFish!!!

Just do what I did. I've gathered and continue to gather as much gear and useful survival items as I can. If I need to move into the bush in a moments notice, I'm pretty much set.

I'd advise you get at least one rifle. You'll need something high powered to hunt, but if you only manage to get one rifle, then make sure you get a .22 cartridge adapter. This way you can hunt smaller game as well. Fishing gear, and cabin building tools are essential as well. Most important is planning your location of course. You don't want society to fall apart and everyone move into the same area!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by alleywayzalwayzView Post

Hey GreenFish!!!

Just do what I did. I've gathered and continue to gather as much gear and useful survival items as I can. If I need to move into the bush in a moments notice, I'm pretty much set.

I'd advise you get at least one rifle. You'll need something high powered to hunt, but if you only manage to get one rifle, then make sure you get a .22 cartridge adapter. This way you can hunt smaller game as well. Fishing gear, and cabin building tools are essential as well. Most important is planning your location of course. You don't want society to fall apart and everyone move into the same area!!!

That's 1/2 of the Green part of Green/Clean Tech ( All but the gun )


Video - Breaking News Videos from (external - login to view) - "Big Brother " Is watching online ...
Feds spend $90M over 5 years to protect cyberspace- Politics - (external - login to view) - Feds spending 90 million to protect cyberspace?...If Gov/big biz have their way the internet will turn into nothing more than a bad CPAC cable company ....Throttle the rest who don't/won't conform ...

I say leave leave politics out of cyberspace...All politicians are good at are creating big black bottomless holes...Can You see their beety little eye's in the darkness?


*Finance-related videos - Money - MSN CA (external - login to view) - "Why Companies Want Facebook Friends"
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Where did big brother get all the power they have to do this?
We gave it to them. First we as a society have become a
nation of voyeurs, entertainment tonight is only an example, all
the tabloids and the facebook accounts and YouTube attest to
The Internet is the new frontier, a wild west if you will. If there is
no control bad things happen, if there is control, who controls it?
Governments of course and that is a licence to have worse things
happen. The universal world of communication is now a Pandora's
box that has been opened.
I doubt if even governments including dictatorships will even be able
to close it up. New ways are found every day to circumvent the laws
already in place. I think the real game should not be for control but to
educate people as to how to use it. Most people even by today's
standards don't realize how much information they freely give out
and how much privacy they surrender to people they don't know.
Nothing is a secret anymore, because if two people know something
the whole world knows in an hour.
This is something similar to another thread on this site, where people
want protection from their own gambling habit, yet when it comes to
the net itself they haven't got a clue as to how much harm they can do
simply by not understanding what they are doing in the first place.
Big Brother is a term given to governments who spy on each other and
you and I. Today that same big brother might not include governments
at all and that is far more troubling than having government spy on us,
as like the net there is no rules at all when it comes to the Internet.
When Pandora's box is open ...It say's " Let the Earthly Aliens choose...They'll choose anyway ..Always!"

Educate the people , take an online consensus ...Let freedom choose what should be done about the control freaks ..
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