Brian Irving still allowed to drive

This is just unbelievable. I think the courts in BC are totally wacko.

Accused driver 'sorry' for killing two in B.C. sushi restaurant (external - login to view)
Sure why not, 'who' gives a damn about the deaths of others,
And when we read his pathetic story, we are suppose to
say, "Oh well, then, that's different, poor guy".

It's just a crying shame that others have to die because
of some pitiful weak character, who lives that way, a
low life, full of alchohol all the time, and obviously
not ever aware or concerned about his fellow man, it's not
fair, and it's too bad he didn't run into something that
finished him off, alone.

The people he has hurt, who grieve for the dead and injured,
will never have the life they had before. because of him.

Two psychiatrists have testified he was suffering from alcohol withdrawal and was in a state of delirium at the time of the crash and that he didn't know what he was doing. Irving told the court he can't remember anything about the incident except trying to get out of the driver's side door after his truck smashed into the restaurant and not being able to.

And how did the psychiatrists know this??? They weren't in the vehicle with him. They are the ones who got him off and should be held to account for such an egregious miscarriage of justice.
After the surgery he wasn't permitted to drive for a couple of months and therefore he couldn't return to work at his job at CP Rail. Irving said he had tried to stop drinking after the brain surgery because he was told alcohol would aggravate his injury but after he learned he wouldn't be able to return to his job he started drinking again.
He was later given back his licence.



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