EuroPride In Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland 12 January 2010 Polish news headlines of last year such as "Gays To Flood Warsaw" are less likely as public support for the EuroPride event in Poland has dramatically improved.
Warsoviens are split by this year's equal rights parade. Europride 2010, hosted by Warsaw, has as many friends as it does foes.
A new poll for one of Poland's leading news services showed 45 per cent of locals support the march, while 44 per cent are against it.
That's more than twice as many supporters than two years ago.
It reflects a mindset shift in the community and is a positive result for the LGBT community in Poland.
When in 2005 then President of Warsaw Lech Kaczyński banned a local parade the city, only 30 percent of residents disapproved of the decision. Three years later, this dropped to only 25 per cent.
This suggests a liberal change in the city, but as many as 91 per cent of the people polled said they would not be attending the march.
EuroPride 2010 will be the first time the parade will take place in an Eastern European nation, and the organizers say it will continue the tradition of Christopher Street Day, with the motto "Freedom, Equality, Tolerance".
"EuroPride 2010 will be our great festivity, when we will host thousands of people from the country and abroad. It will be a some-teen day-long festival combining events from the world of film, theatre, science, sport and the arts. It will also be an occasion to have a good time," the Equality Foundation said.
The Warsaw EuroPride festival is on July 9-18, and the organizers expect around 20,000 supporters from around Europe.

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What,s the world coming to.
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