.iITt. is, What it is .. ( About/for)

What is it?.

.iITt. is, What It is...

What Was/Is/What Shall it be ?..What will Be ?..What Will iITt. be..?.Past Tense to Future Tense...

A Thread For/About the Past , Present and Future..

About/ For ,Prophets,Visionaries,Futurists..Whom ever..
For/About, All that is Bizarre , Strange, Paranormal ,Extraordinary ,Freakish,The Tamely Warped and Twisted....Simpy/Truly Fascinating ...

About/For ...Amazing Historical Figures ,Icons...Events..Natural Wonders..Their impact ...Their discoveries..Creations/Inventions...Then /Now/To where?..What has been done?..What Has It done..?..What Shall be done..?

The Truth is often Stranger than Fiction..Unless it's a High Tech Sci Fi/ Abstract Futuristic Fantasy Story ,using some "Out There" Meta physics Formula (1 like P.E.U ( Person/Earth/Univerese)based on possible facts/truthful Alternate Realities..
Aren't Ol' Sci Fi Flicks Comical now.?.(All Except the good ones..They Become strangely accurate,errily relatable ,almost prophetic,creepy yet still comical, cult classics )
Are We any better ,now, at predicting /preparing for the future, than we have been in the past?...
Is that for real ?..How real is it?..How possible is it?..If it doesn't exist ..Can we create iTt?..Should we Create ITt?..

What Will Be, Will Be ..Will We?
What is it?.
iITt is , What it is ..
What was .Was
What Shall forever be?..
or somethin like that
 Over and Out There From Here...
For Now and Forever Forward...
Or Whatever...

.................................................. ................................... 
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Thanks for this space and your time

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4 As Far As The Eye Can See ....

So I've been watching and reading ol' sci fi flicks trying to predict the future.( on top of my other usual /unusual "out there"tasks/hobbies/interests). like I so often do..And it got me to thinking ..again...(Like I so often have tryed to avoid, as much as possible ..)...About the past, present but most specifically about the future ......
....Everyone would like to know what is to come .Everyone tries to/has to predict the future to some point ,some accuracy ..Or they don't make it very far..(.I think theres an old quote that says .." It's always good to look ahead, especially when your walking"...)
All medium attempt to predict what will be .Get info straight from the mouth of all sorts of reliable sources(to a successful degree of accuracy).
A successful"Great"knows the "bigger picture"..Can put all the pieces together in the right place ,take it apart and put it back together again(with Help)...They Know How to Make ideas appear ..Make them real....Some have got errily close to warrant the Label "prophet".(they get the crowds/earn control/gain power/influence).. From Nastradamus up to Orson Wells ,George lucas ,Gene Roddenberry, Steven Speilberg..All have predicted/influenced/created the future.( to some greater degree/percentage )Some just don't know it yet....Haha. .... Hopefully not , Quentin Tarantino (great creator/director, although let's pray he's not attempting to predict the future..)...

Everyone is able to predict the future...to a point ..making plans and setting achieveable goals,following routine/systems,taking cues,knowing where to go....but...Simply knowing what is Actually real and what is fantasy ,factual,truthful,A myth,A falisy ,is just common sense ...Not prophecy( right?)..

Lucid dreamers are Knowingly able to test reality. In two different worlds(to a degree .(Only 1 is Physically real..)Just think of the possibilities.
Alternately/comparitively we now have computers ..Only difference is, 1 has other physical participants and real consequences ..(Anyway, that's another whole discussion..)

Some can see(and get) further forward than others..

.....Great Film Makers/Story Writers,Musicians ,Scientists,(Fewer economists and Politicians),as well as all others - everybody( to some degree/percentage) is good at making/changing/discovering reality.Measured ultimately by the undeniable proof and the obvious success at doing what humans do best..Think,imagine, discover,measure,create,do ,sustain...(maybe a few other things )
Unfortunately for most, it is far easier to do what your told and to follow anothers lead than to be the 1st(of a kind)..
Like it or not..Some people are simply better at /more capable of doing/achieving things than others.For whatever reason ..Like it or not..
Now there is the "self fullfilling prophecy" ...Where you think(perhaps a better word is "Believe") something is going to happen so strongly, that you begin to focus on everything that proves your belief right...While ignoring, often blocking out the rest .Which includes everything that's trying to tell you, your idea is just plain and simply wrong..Some ,who know their wrong , or understand their way may not be the best way, and yet still proceed with their excersions, are there after, trying to influence the future , steer it their way...Cuz everyone wants it their way, yet no 1 wants it all...

Most at this stage are still ignorant to the consequences of their actions...Until reality .." kicks them in head(***,if you'd rather) "....That's when most get the point ,shut up and listen for a while ,struggle in the opposing current until they are able to enter another main stream and go with the flow once again..

There are a few though that are really good at finding and picking out the "little Golden nuggets of truths" from the fools gold...They discover a path that few ,possibly only 1 has travelled before...Energy surges to excitement as they are overwhelmed to discover, those first pioneers, truly, undeniably succeeded...Some tremendously..A tiny portion,made it easliy...Eureaka ..!..Jackpot ..Hallelujha .

Unfortunately there were a lot more that died(mostly scientists/prophets/futurists) trying to convince others of the significance of their creations/discoveries/beliefs... (and There are a even more that were completely wrong/ or later proven completely wrong, as times changed , and died miserably ...but this isn't about them right now ...It's about the future..)

Still even a smaller number of those"Awakened few" became increasingly aware that they are able to "jump paths" so to speak. Able to cut corners, join paths..Even create new paths(for a time)..They are not only able to see what is possible ,but influence it ,control its current ,Bend its direction,quicken the pace. Fully understanding the risks and location of the final, resting, destination..(sounds kinda like "the matrix", don't it?)

Plain and simple...They have the map and some high tech tools ,gadgets and gizmos and know how to use them..I like to call this ability/curse "the super power complex" They have many extraordinary abilities,skills,super natural powers,extension/apps...Yet don't know what to do with them.Where to direct their focus ,force,energy .So many paths to take all leading to success(failure/dead ends) ..It is too hard to choose just 1..So Some enjoy getting lost for a while,until they become content(frustrated) with their place and settle(4 something else). ..Others couldn't be bothered/ don't want to interfere /too lazy or simply don't care....
Once in a while ,from time to time, you get someone who just seems to know everything and is caple of doing practically anything they attempt smoothly ,with quick successful results.. With little error , minimal mistakes ( don't these people just erk ya!).One who seems to defy all the odds/risks..Far more than naturally probable.Who Just knows where to go ,and has the abilities required to get there.These extrodinary "super people" have tapped into(hopefully legally) something/some system/pattern/super natural wonder/power/ greater than themselves ,possibly than anything known before...

These people know who they are/were, Could/Should be..The potential to a greater percentage/degree..They are fully aware of the Subject, The time,Place(So are others involved to lessening degrees), how 1 thing ends, changes/transforms ,incorporates/absorbs, rejects/opposes ....progresses into something else.Into Something greater...

For better or for worse..These people are the greatest of the greats ..
Whether it's invented or discovered ...Created or determined ...
All greats get/and should accept, what they deserve ......
The truth.......( 4 as far as the eye can see...)
Everything is Energy and Information...The rest is recyclable waste..
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely ..."
No.1 Wants it all ...
The end's near - Good thing ,It's still over there.If it get's here.Change is needed

Absolute Truth (Forever Forward)

Nostradamus Effect - History.com (external - login to view)

Good TV show ..but take it for what it is ...A Medium - An influencial tool looking for ratings and followers.....

http://cosmos.asu.edu/ (external - login to view) - Paul Davies ..Is one great science writer who Opened my eye's to the world/universe/everything around/in us... The true secrets/wonders/ our observable perceptions/ theories of everything ...
Web Bot - What is it? Can it predict stuff? (external - login to view) - Web bot

Twitter (external - login to view) - Twitter - uses same type of "web bot idea."....As do search engines and other Social network sites...Browsers(through 3rd party groups)

But can they predict the future?
 Consensus can create A Truth -Doesn't mean it's THE Truth .Unless people in powerful positions(Leaders), use info/energy, to create momentum ,to make consensus/popular opinion happen.For good or bad/Better or worse..For 1 ,few,or all ..Anything can be altered and changed using same info/energy ....at anytime . To get a Greater Truth ..Still not necessarily An absolute Truth ..
Eg. of Self fulfulling prophecy = Markets and Advertisers influencing outcome .
= People for the most part, following behind others...Going with the flow..Following the system in place...Or 1 person believing in 1 thing so much /ignoring everything else..Can Make a false truth(? craziness/insanity/Genius ) ..
What does webbot/do prophets /futurists say about/ after 2012? - Lots of stuff..
How much was/is/will be true? ...Hard to say...

Nastradomus - 45% right , for those who believe(d) he was/is a true prophet ...

..Seeing that webbot won't exist after 2012 according to its own prediction. ...Does it/can it predict it's own demise?.Stop and change it from happening ?...Sure ...Why not ?..
If everyone gets together and decides something should not exist .Will it?/Does it?..Sure ..Why not ?..

If a predicting tool( web bot / market tools/some formula) does know / can predict its own future /demise ..What can /will it and its users do, to prevent its demise...?

These are a few of the issues that we(humans) run into when trying to predict the future(fate/destiny)..
The future can always be changed, to a point / 0/equal/balance/ line/1...Although there are higher energies and influences that no one can observe or alter .A greater Truth ...Depending on 1's perspective and position of observation....
Then there is the Absolute Truth ..
The truth = The proven Solution ....
The Proven solution/outcome = The Absolute Truth ...

"You know you can't look at the sun without shielding your eyes" - Lyrics from a new song I wrote..1 absolute truth ..
"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."... That's an absolute truth
Math has made the search for Absolute Truths.. A Precise Science ..But only as far as our tested observation can percieve..

left+ Right = 1 brain .

U make what you become ,so do others , as well as your surrounding environment .

Science explains it all best through many different fields of study ...

Left + Right Brain + Knowing and understandings the above statements ..Leads to 1 body/mind/(soul).. ...

Absolute Truth ...We exist..and we'll die..Still there's room for surprise -
Here's the theories of everything ...
1.Relativity - relativity - definition of relativity by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. (external - login to view)
2.Quantumm - Quantum Physics (external - login to view)
3.Complexity - complexity theory definition (external - login to view)
4.Chaos - chaos theory: Definition from Answers.com (external - login to view)
5.New String theory - String Theory - What is String Theory? (external - login to view)

There ....Does that make everything/"the future" any clearer.?.. ...

Who knows what's to come , what will be , Fade Away ...but
Let's hope it screams and yells ,long before it's almost over...- "Waiting till the end" - see beginning of thread .. forums.canadiancontent.net/ne...hat-about.html (external - login to view)

 Everything is Energy and Information ...The rest is recyclable waste...

Believe in/it...Or not ...

In 1 peace or in pieces ..

I choose (as do most)

Peace...and that's the truth ..
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Influencial game changers

John von Neumann (external - login to view) - John Von Neumann
Big Ideas. Big Thinkers. John von Neumann | Thirteen/WNET (external - login to view)

John Nash (external - login to view) - John Nash

Amazon.com: The Bit and the Pendulum: From Quantum Computing to M Theory-The New Physics of Information (9780471399742): Tom Siegfried: Books (external - login to view) - The Bit and the Pendulum, By Tom Siegfried ..- Good Book ..
yeah, i've been watching the nostradamus effect too.

YouTube - Brian Greene The universe on a string

- Brian Greene , The Universe on a string ...

The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene (external - login to view) - The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene is an excellent book with some mind blowing ideas on an ultimate theory ..

NOVA | The Elegant Universe | PBS (external - login to view)
Sumerians (external - login to view) - The Sumerians ..

05 What do we know about Sumerian Cosmology? (external - login to view)
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The Computer - Then and now

Alan Turing - The Turring machine ..

YouTube - A Turing Machine - Overview

Eniac Computer


Quantum Computation - The Qubit .. more.

YouTube - DrDavidDeutsch's Channel (external - login to view)

YouTube - Seth Lloyds Quantum Computer

YouTube - Seth Lloyd-Programming the Universe

YouTube - What is quantum tunneling

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U of T team decodes secret messages of our genes - Healthzone.ca (external - login to view) - " Enigma machine" program - U of T team decodes secret message of our genes

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Robot /Cyborgs/Androids are evolving ....

Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics" (external - login to view) - Asimov's threes laws of computers
HowStuffWorks "How DNA Computers Will Work" (external - login to view) - The DNA Computer -
Craig Venter creates synthetic life form | Science | The Guardian (external - login to view) - Synthetic Life form Created in lab...

"In" Us /"Through " US " They" live...

Peace or pieces?

Peace ..

Protect don't Destroy
Cell Organelles: Mitochondria (external - login to view)

Mitochondria Research (external - login to view) - Mitochondria ...

An Offsprings Mitochondria Dna compared with Father and Mothers Dna could be Very benefitcial in Geneology and in the future of enhanced reproduction ..How?....Hmmm ...

DNA Genealogy (external - login to view)

Research Projects (external - login to view)

__________________________________________________ ______________________

tehran times : Large Hadron Collider rival Tevatron 'has found Higgs boson' (external - login to view) - Higgs Boson Particle Discovered ?

We are living in Amazing times!
Eenie meenie chili beanie the spirits are about to speak:
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Eenie meenie chili beanie the spirits are about to speak:

Lol ...You ready for iITt.?
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Lol ...You ready for iITt.?

I had iITt. for lunch.

I thought the title was Itty - bad eyes

So here ya go my man.

YouTube - Alan Jackson- Little Bitty

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I had iITt. for lunch.

You ate all the its and the bits too ?.....Pig!...You must truly be full of iITt. then ...;

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I thought the title was Itty - bad eyes

So here ya go my man.

YouTube - Alan Jackson- Little Bitty

I'm not 1 for country ..I prefer Heavy to Phychedelic Alternative/ExperiMETAL music .But I guess you gotta respect a little Itty Bitty Bit of iITt all ..

Music is a large part of the Intelligent universe...Perhaps even a precursor to the BIG Bang ...

Sonoluminescence (external - login to view) - Sonoluminescence

Want physical Proof - .....Woodstock ...

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Helluva post, I'll give you the top rating just because of all the effort it took
Thanks for that MapleOne ..But Effort ? .No effort involved ..iITt comes easy ...If it would have taken a lot of effort .. I probably wouldn't have bothered...lol..


iITt. is What it is ..Free energy with no effort? ..Now That's just lazy

Chas Campbell’s Gravitational Free Energy Machine | Gravity (external - login to view) - Free Energy machine ..

Free Energy, Tesla, Keely, inventions, devices (external - login to view)

Perpetual motion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view)

Perpetual Motion (external - login to view)

NASA's robot submarine achieves perpetual motion, of a sort -- Engadget (external - login to view) - Perpetual motion of a sort ..

HowStuffWorks Videos "Gravity in a Vacuum" (external - login to view) - Gravity in a Vacuum

Condensate created in freefall - physicsworld.com (external - login to view) - Condesate created in Vacuum

No#1 reason nothing ever seems to get done is simple - Laziness..
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10. Bill Gates - The world's most powerful people (external - login to view) - The Worlds most powerful People ...

I nominate Bill Gates for World Leader...
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10. Bill Gates - The world's most powerful people (external - login to view) - The Worlds most powerful People ...

I nominate Bill Gates for World Leader...

a world with only microsoft products.

What an amazingly incredible magazine . I recommend it to Anyone/ Any Futurist who wants to discover the way of the future, right now..They have the right idea..

Wired Issue 18.10 | October 2010 | Charge! | Magazine| Wired.com (external - login to view)

Wired News (external - login to view)

Wired | Wired Magazine (external - login to view)

Cover Browser - Wired Magazine (external - login to view)

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Magazine (external - login to view)

twitter.com/#!/wiredmag (external - login to view)

twitter.com/#!/WiredFeed (external - login to view)

Quote: Originally Posted by spaminatorView Post

a world with only microsoft products.

iITt.'s about so much more than just microsoft ..iITt's about the future...
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