Green/Clean Tech

Green/Clean Tech

The High tech / Almost Living /Self sustaining /Building of the future
Imagine what a new Green/Clean Tech City of the future might look like ....

I picture Sky scrappers that seem to touch the clouds ..With green rooves and architecture unique to each artists interpretation ....Solar Panel Windows ...Every third floor or so a green house ..Used to grow food... Every 7th to grow bio Fuel ( Not derived from food crops) .....all Fed hydroponically through the vast tubes and hoses that would run like viens throughout the building, not only feeding the plants, but heating and cooling the Hig tech/ Almost Living/self sustaining building of the future.Clean Filtered water quenching the thirst/It's various foods satisfying the appetities of its residents, employees ,visitors, shop owners, curious enthusiastic buyers, stunned on lookers and passer byers ..

I can imagine -1 High Tech ,Self sustaining, Almost living building ..Creating/running off ,it's own energy ...With Little ,if nothing left to waste. For even the waste would be coverted/recycled into energy , fertilizer, something useful.Anything extra would be released for use ,for free ,for others who truly believe in Green/Clean Tech ,sustainability ,prosperity, the city of the future ...

All are welcome to Come see,visit, Dream to live in,add to, This/ your own, Building/City of the future....

Above is just a quick example of 1 possible," Green Building" .Only 1 Idea out of the endless possibilities, still needed /Already Started/Available/in this " Green/Clean Tech" City of the future..

This thread is to discuss Green /Clean Tech ......Ideas/possiblities and realities.. ...Real,Sci fi , or Fantasy .Doesn't matter.What ever works/Might possibly work.

A Thread for those with Vision /Direction/ Solutions ..Or for those who just like some creative discussion...
Who knows ...Perhaps 1 by 1 ...Piece by piece, we'll succeed in building ...The (virtually possible)City of the Future ...

Worst Case .. A Hell of alotta pieces of cool stuff layin around to browse over...
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I=PAT stands for Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology (environmental impact)

I=PAS stands for Impact = Population x Affluence / Sustainable Technology

I PAS = Green/Clean technology...


Greenfish66 - Alternative / Experimental / Indie Artist (external - login to view) - So Far 2 Go 2 Far 2 Fall..( Thankless self promotion)

Now Onward Into The Future !


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Supreme Court eases restrictions on corporate campaign spending - (external - login to view) -

Power to the people.(as long as your Big Biz employer says it's ok)..If corporations support a candidate ..It better be transparent...May I suggest sew on badges/symbol placed on the politicians suit ,next to his/her name?..How about an online registry?

1 of many potential problems I can see, is if big oil, banks or insurance companies publically supported a candidate ,and the candidate was required to disclose all big sponsors publically..They would never get elected.."They" know it..

Now on the other hand if a candidate was sponsored by Green/Clean Tech companies ..The people would stand in lines for miles to vote.. lol...However in the U.S. election system .The peoples vote only goes so far as it is now..

If a business/Building can be thought of as living entity/given the rights of people..

Why not animals?.. Dolphins ...Whales..Elephants and other intelligent animals..?..Let everything vote..Might have better voter turnout..


The Nature Conservancy of Canada: Conservation at Work (external - login to view) - Nature Conservancy (nature_org) on Twitter (external - login to view)
..We must always remember The B.S. Games (Bailout .Stimulus)..Lest we forget

1 - Gas/oil/house/commodity...prices.. ect ..soar to double what they should be, indicating the bubble was about to burst with a lot of hot air from Wall street ..Just before market crashs/End of Bush Rep. Presidency

2 - After Shady lending practises many( insiders knowing the bubble was going to burst/Adding Hot Air/Holding the pin)fraudulently sell off over inflated properties and assests...

3 - Market Crash becomes Crisis

4 - Big Biz/Banks are Too big too fail after sticking people with over priced properties and overly laxed loaning practises ..

5 - Big Brother Gov Bails Big Biz /Banks/Wall street out , with tax payer(the ppls) money, even though Main Street was already hurting due to over inflated market/consumer prices.

6 - Bailout/ Stimulus(B.S) plan is formed linking /tieing Obama's administration to the whole Scam .It becomes a U.S/Global bailout/stimulus..Willingly or not ..

7 - Big Gov/ Big Biz after ripping peoples futures away, use money to invest in the Crashed market THEY helped create..Leaving a Big Deficit

- Sorry no money left for the struggling Slave drones .... have to pay down the deficit ..

It's just plain B.S. Games ....It is unjust/ Simply Sad ..

Let us never forget the facts,...The Truth ...Wall street with Big Biz/Big Govs help screwed over ALL the people(Globally)....

It's All part of the market game...

The market lacks heart...

Solution - A well being / environmental indicator should be added into/along side the Market system/leader board, to help ensure, this never happens again...
Apple Tablet iPad (external - login to view)

..Could the Apple tablet replace the students paper and pen ?.

4 sure..Easily...All we need now is a Big Touch screen Chalk board( hopefully made from microsoft )...Tis the future of teaching . This technology is more than adequate to store all the info needed for some time to come .. ...

Knowledge never expires ...Simply turns into wisdom ...

Time to get with the times and reform the education system ..
CBC News - Toronto - Toronto Zoo wants to turn feces into energy - Toronto metro zoo wants to build a Poo gas energy plant...
Green/ clean tech is the only sustainable future..
Obama Announces Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal | (external - login to view) - Obama Announces Steps to Boost Biofuels, Clean Coal - Although I'm not too fussy on oil/coal/nuclear ..New ways to make dirty energy cleaner and sustainable are always Welcome /applauded
Government of Alberta: Speech from the Throne (external - login to view) - Province of Alberta - ..Speech From The Throne -
Sounds like a good Green/Clean Tech plan. If you can take the Droning(ly) long, mono tone speech by the Lieutenant Governor as he read page by drewling page, Aberta's way forward.. .lol.( He Knew ...Joked about it at the end..... ).

Alberta Gov. could lead in Green/Clean Tech Field.Clean Up It's Dirty Soiled Reputation.. If they can Clean up the Tars Sands/Ponds and Clean all the dirty oil off Those Greasy Ducks with Tooth brushs .. (Coated with " Dawn" Dish detergent of course.).Alberta has lots of experience with Grime and dirt ....

......Actually Alberta is a very scenic ecological wonder which includes the Great Boreal Forest within it's borders...It just happens to have some real big dirty eye sores and very Slick oilsters.....

The Boreal Forest Region of Alberta (external - login to view)
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Recall Toyota - Recall information on toyota cars and trucks (external - login to view)

Judging by all these brake and other recently reported problems hitting the Auto industry LATEly .It would seem as though Vehicles are too dangerous and everyone should Take other safer,more reliable Transportation .Walking..

Toyota/Ford recall includes Some hybrids.....Sounds like a Good Ol' Made in America "Make work" project /solution for recession recovery ..

I sure hope this isn't another auto ploy to try again to halt the progress of New Clean/Green Cars...Like the games Some Big oil/Auto Leaders played in the 70's with all the Happy Hippies... Auto and Energy companies have had plenty of time to get with the times.This time they will fall even further behind, and out of contention all together, if they don't move confidently forward on new Green/Clean technologies ...Some Like Toyota and Ford have more recently pushed positively forward, Introducing new alternatives for it's Drivers .Taking the high road to Sustainability /Quality/Innovation and Affordability.Hope others will do the same.

.It is Time for Real Change that get's positive results...No more Games ......The Green/Clean future will not wait any longer....It is time to balance the playing field ..Time for a Balanced energy plan that includes a fair playing ground for all who can see the Green Lime light ..For all who are striving forward Toward New Green/Clean sustainable technologies...
News Headlines (external - login to view) - It is about time Big Energy companies take Green/Clean Energy seriously ...

HowStuffWorks "How Greenwashing Works" (external - login to view) - Watch for "Green Washing" ...
Getting serious about green means spending black which leads to in the red so the bankers and bakers and candle stick makers all loose money. The present economic mechanism simply will not permit efficiencies that cut into their bottom lines. There are many old technologies that respect the environment and cost very much less to the users, such as dug in solar homes, all of them take money from the established industries.
Black and Red isn't Green....Most smart business leaders R seeing the Green Lime light ..It's about efficiency ,reducing , reusing , recycling ...0 waste ...New innovative ways of doing things..With less waste and impact on the environment ...Means more Green no matter Which way you wanna go ...Economy or Ecology ...It's all about Balance and sustainability ...No more excuses...Those who don't get with it will lose out ..
CTV Calgary- American retailers boycott fuel from Alberta's oilsands - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television

Tar sands snubbed by 'green' retailers -

ForestEthics : Protect Forests and Our Climate*:*ForestEthics Canada (external - login to view)

It is Time for Alberta to find other alternative sources of energy .. Don't get stuck in the past with Black and Red Grease/Dirt all over your hands..It's Hard to wash off /Hard to Grip onto the future of New Green/Clean Energy with no Real Sustainable alternatives ...Go Alberta Go ..The Light is Green
The "Greenier" Olympic Games .. ...

Going for the Olympic green medal - Environment - (external - login to view)

California "green" Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to carry 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch (external - login to view) - The Great "Green" Governator will be carrying the torch at the Games... ..So " LOOK OUT" ,"GET DOWN" ..Then Get back up again and Enjoy the Games ...!

Go Canada Gold ..
#14 Video -

CBC News -Nature of Things .. Nuclear Power...Informative show about Nuclear Power...You Decide...Would you move Somewhere that Had a Nuclear Power Plant?.

One of the Nuclear facilities spokes persons said " .If People didn't Want us here..We Wouldn't be here".. I found that a little Hard to Believe....

Although someone else said " Someday soon we'll find a way to turn the nuclear waste into energy."..I like that idea, that possibility.Let's make it happen ..Get some positive results A.S.A.P....For the day we can use, re- use ,recycle ,get the most energy out of the Energy source, with very little / No / 0 , Harmful waste...Is the day we succeed in sustainability ,Effeciency,Prosperity, longivity........

Only when A balanced energy plan that fairly/Evenly includes energy from all Clean energy sources is reached, will the Future , Truly be ours...Forever Forward..

Highlights from TED 2010, Friday: "Using nuclear waste to power next generation's reactors" Boing Boing (external - login to view) -

Intellectual Ventures - TerraPower (external - login to view) - Terra - Power

Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero! | Video on (external - login to view) - Bill Gates on Energy

It's All About the Balance of Power..Green / Clean , High Tech, People Power..That Then Gives the Power back to the People ..........:
NASA - Piecing Together the Temperature Puzzle

Faces of Earth DVD Set, Discovery Channel Gifts , Discovery Channel Store (external - login to view) Faces of Earth .. Great video ..Explains many aspects of this great Planet and more...Must see

Ecosystems of Our World (external - login to view) - Ecosystems of the World..

It's Called Climate Change ...And yes Humans affect this change ..There is both Warming and cooling .It is all part of this Planets ecosystems .It is the severe sporadic weather changes that will be the issue for us, Fragile Humans, now and into the future...Let's hope Mother nature (with our growing awareness and positive action ) will Calmly Balance it all out before we Pay the ultimate price...

The Global trend is Warming .... (external - login to view) - You make what you become ..but so do others and your environment ...Here's an interesting theory for anyone interested
Viking M. Services: Can Wind and Solar Replace America's Coal Plants? (external - login to view) - Can solar replace coal? Perhaps, but will be more successful ..In balance /with help from other Green/Clean Tech friends
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Bribing people to buy electric cars is folly | (external - login to view)

Solar panel startup to lease residential rooftops - (external - login to view)

------------------------------------------ - Business - Class-action lawsuits could cost Toyota $3 billion (external - login to view) - Safety Officials Investigate Runaway Prius Incident in California (external - login to view)

I owned many cars ,all had their problems ...Worst car I ever owned was a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am LE...With a quad 4 engine ...Had nothing but problems.Mechanics wouldn't even lool at it , let alone work on it...Engine cracked ..Pistons blew.. Sensor in transmission caused car to stall out constantly...Caused me to go Bankrupt as young man just startin' out ...

Where was the Recall?...

Ex got ripped off with a first year model Ford Focus ...Caused her a lot of grief and Cash ...There were fortunately some recalls to help her out ...somewhat...

Every car has problems...They just don't seem to build them to last anymore...

Best cars I owned , was a Chevy Cavalier and an ol escort...They just wouldn't die , no matter how much abuse I put them through..Great cars..( although my escort had problems with gas pedal sticking under floor mat..I fixed that fast.. )

It would seem to me these toyota Recalls are nothing short than Shady Big Biz/ Gov politics...A way to make work, and get the people back to buying American...( so be it)

It is Good to see Toyota taking the Lead to resolve these issues ..Despite the hype and market unfairness ...

I hope this doesn't stall the new hybrids coming out ..They are great alternatives ..They are a welcome alternative to the same ol' Same oil ..

New Green/Clean Tech Alternatives are here..are coming out strong ...Like them or not Ol auto dwellers ...Better get used to them ...

Green/Clean Tech is here now .. is the future ...

Green/Clean Tech is Truly a Real sustainable, sensible, option/alternative as we work toward prosperity , democratic balance ,effecientcy , zero Waste , market fairness / peoples well being...

As we move Forever Postively Forward ..Into the future..Green/Clean Tech holds the solution ..It is the answer...It is a New Way .Another Way ..Some would say .The only way ... ...


Over and out there from here..For now..
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$240 deposit for Hydro name change over..Ridiculous ..Of course if you can't afford that ...They'll split it up into 4 easy payments of $60 .I say ,How about $60 ..If I don't pay the Bill after that ..Shut off the Hydro..
Nothin' more than another money grab by a public run necessity ...Nickle and dimin' everyone , everywhere...After having to pay 1st and last months rent , who has money left to pay for unwarranted hydro fees ,phone hook up fees. cable and other fees...Whatta joke..Good thing I'm a Green/Clean Tech guy...Saved me lotsa $$$$$..

- Pay as you go cell phone..
- $1.00 L.E.D Lights/lamps..
- Internet ..Battery powered Laptop..( need one of those solar /kenetic rechargers )
- Conserve on the hot water..

All ya really need...There's many Green/Clean Tech alternatives available to help Cut the costs ..

Feels good to short change Big Gov Biz too ..
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFish66View Post

CBC News - Toronto - Toronto Zoo wants to turn feces into energy - Toronto metro zoo wants to build a Poo gas energy plant...
Green/ clean tech is the only sustainable future..

Europe is way ahead of us in using poop for power. There are thousands of examples of using this in Canada more but energy is still cheap for us and we supply ourselves. Germany which is moving on this, gets much of their energy from Russia where there are political/historical issues to worry about there.

Many small scale projects coudl put off the peak oil reckoning, so its a good idea. One wonders where the TO zoo puts its poop.
Bar Sinister
I have always wondered why there has been so little effort to use the huge supplies of manure generated by the giant feedlots in southern Alberta. Of course, I know the answer. In Alberta only the oil industry gets any significant government help. Alternative energy is definitely an afterthought with the government.
The Time of 1 world, dirty energy control is nearing its end ..GreenClean Tech is now ,is the future...Many great ideas/innovations/inventions available out there.Not enough incentives /will power by our Big Gov /Biz Leaders...The Green Revolution started 40 + years ago ..and has been ignored for far too long...Can't be ignored anymore..Times have changed .The youth/New Leaders have grown/are growing with New Green/Clean Tech in their midst ,in their minds.Time for ol' Oil Gov/Leaders to get with the times...

Thanks ,Dump the monarchy and Bar Sinsister for your insightful comments...They are always welcome..
Green/ Clean alternative machines ...

New Auto's that will revolutionize the way we travel ..Now and into the future..

It's all about choice and fair competition ..

Electric Vehicles | ZAP! Electric Vehicles (external - login to view)

Canada Lithium Corp. - Electric Car News - Top 10 Electric Car Makers in 2010-11 - Sun Mar 21, 2010 (external - login to view)

Toyota plans solar powered charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (external - login to view) - Toyota puts wheels under Clean Energy deal (external - login to view)

Toyota to build electric town car, plug-in hybrids | Green Tech - CNET News (external - login to view)

Clean Vehicles | Union of Concerned Scientists (external - login to view)

- Electric Vehicles are best suited for in city/town use .There are more plug in stations being planned for longer runs ...They will not only cut down on smog and other harmful pollutants, like other alternative vehicles do..They will cut down on noise pollution as well ..

- More deals for hydrogen fill up stations are being signed

- Hybrids are here to stay and will lead the way to a Greener/Cleaner future..

The best way to move forward on Green/Clean Tech Vehicles while planning for the future would be to include all forms of Refueling/Recharging Technologies in the New "Energy Stations" soon to be built across the Country /around the Globe ...

Readers Pick: Top 10 Alternative Energy Bets | LiveScience (external - login to view)

Green/Clean Tech is now ... is the Future
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Chrysler to build all-electric version of Fiat 500 for U.S. market in 2012 - *Autos - MSN CA (external - login to view) - New chrysler electric vehicle due out 2012 ..A little late but comin' around to the new Green/Clean Tech reality ..

Let's not confuse liberals with green ..Liberals will do ..say anything to get your money ...

Just a friendly reminder ..Liberals are not Green ,their Red ...It would seem lately Liberals( Ontario Liberals to be more specific ) are nothing more than greenwashing the public .."Green Tax " ..Is unnecessary ..

Green means ..Zero waste(3 R's) ..Effieciency ..Sustainability ..Innovation..Clean Technology.

Liberals of late seem to be nothing more than a two faced party..That like to play all sides of the political spectrum at once...They can't be trusted..(In Canada anyway ..Let's not confuse Canadian Liberals with U.S. Liberals..Different Game altogether) .

At least with Conservatives and Greens ..You know where they stand...

Save money ... Save the Environment .. Conserve/Conserve

Get rid of cable ..get Internet...
Get rid of land line ...Get pay as you go phone ...
Turn off lights ..Use dollar store L.E.D.s
Conserve hot water ...

Just a few of many new alternative choices you are now free to explore

I've lived Green/Clean Tech for a long time now ..and I can tell you ...

It feels great to short change the Government ...It's a new sense of Freedom ..A breath of fresh air..It's a lifestyle ...
With New cool Green/Clean Tech idea's being made into reality everyday ..

Green/Clean Tech is Now ,It is the future..

Thanks for this space and your time ..


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Bill Gates Goes Nuclear with Toshiba's 4S Reactor | addybaddy | Fast Company (external - login to view) - I nominate Bill Gates as the first and only World leader
Thanks for that ... denversolarguy (external - login to view) - First Solar has joined the Industrial Desertec initiative (external - login to view) - First Solar has joined the Industrial Desertec initiative

Hot Alternative Energy News Stories | AltEnergyMag (external - login to view) - watch this one with caution but hope
Earth Hour - Earth Hour 2010 Global Site ? It?s Show Time! (external - login to view) -Let's remember , all our moments are in Earth/ Universal Time.. P.E.U !...( Person, Earth , Universe) .

Canadians who think Green should act locally | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun - Wise Words Dr.Roger Gibbins...It is Important to act locally as Well as Globally ...

Green/Clean Tech is now ...Is the future..

In 1 peace or in pieces?

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I've been recently reading "Freakonomics"; if you havent yet, I highly suggest it..Anyways there's an interview with Nathan Myhrvold and Ken Caldeira. Both brilliant scientific experts... The idea that they have is that solar panels including those on buildings can't actually reduce "global warming" due to the energy it takes in their production but also the heat they retain in the atmosphere seeing as they are dark panels. I'm thinking if buildings are covered in these it may be beneficial in the winter on sunny days, but in the summer it makes absolutely no sense and would wasteful in terms of a/c energy use. I've grown really skeptical and I even own and use solar panels (which I adore). Nuclear is the future. If anything we should be putting the money into Thorium Thorium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view) also a great link for future energy ideas A Better Energy Plan (external - login to view)
Quote: Originally Posted by sputnikView Post

I've been recently reading "Freakonomics"; if you havent yet, I highly suggest it..Anyways there's an interview with Nathan Myhrvold and Ken Caldeira. Both brilliant scientific experts... The idea that they have is that solar panels including those on buildings can't actually reduce "global warming" due to the energy it takes in their production but also the heat they retain in the atmosphere seeing as they are dark panels. I'm thinking if buildings are covered in these it may be beneficial in the winter on sunny days, but in the summer it makes absolutely no sense and would wasteful in terms of a/c energy use. I've grown really skeptical and I even own and use solar panels (which I adore). Nuclear is the future. If anything we should be putting the money into Thorium Thorium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view) also a great link for future energy ideas A Better Energy Plan (external - login to view)

Thanks for your input Sputnik, it is always appreciated ..I believe all Energies are necessary to ensure a Balanced/fair/sustainable /Prosperous Green-Clean Tech future..

I think Solar is a great energy ..It uses almost all the energy absorbed .Little waste..Like any energy ..Depends on how you use it...All research shows it Lessens polluting green House gases...

Nuclear power has its perks ..However the waste and danger of nuclear energy , is currently its biggest issue ..Having said that there are new technologies in Nuclear energy surfacing that will better use/ re use nuclear energy/waste....( above I have linked to Bill Gates..he has taken up the Nuclear challenge.. Terra Power a promising field in the nuclear energy market)....

Effecientcy /3 r's/Working toward 0 always the goal to work towards

Each energy has its benefits and draw backs...Some are better than others.All will be needed in a fair / friendly /competitive market to ensure longivity and survival of us Humans ..and all life that lives and breaths on this one special and only planet Earth.

To me..Solar still holds the best and brightest future....

Our best hope is that we will be able to sprout and grow our wings ..Leave the embrace of our mother Earth to explore and inhabit other worlds and Planets.while at the same time still having a home to come back to for supper......

Green/Clean Tech is now ...Is the future..

New epoch to usher in cataclysmic extinction - - Great article and field of researdh .. I still think Humans can change the harm we do cause/ Have caused... 1 Word ....Respect ..
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April 2010: How It Works | Popular Science (external - login to view) - Great issue this month ..

Timeline: Sun Power Gets Easier with New Lightweight Panels | Popular Science (external - login to view)
- Tonino Lamborghini Solar Bag - cool

- Armageddon Energy SolarClovers - Right on ..

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