Green/Clean Tech

Nope cash from the province and the feds was all the coal I needed. Didn't you take advantage?
Don't need no hand outs man livin' the kinda Green/Clean Tech Lifestyle I choose to live...I would rather Work toward maintaining a Well Balanced/Sustainable/Prosperous Future, then Take Advantage of All, for Nothing ...

Each to their own man if that's the way you like it ..Although I'd prefer to have 1 for all ...Cheers...

Peace or Pieces?

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How many carbon credits did you sell this year?
Sorry Petro's I'm not in the sales department ..I'm more into living within my means ..Living Within Your Means- (external - login to view)

The Obama Administration Is Setting Aside 187,000 Square Miles in Alaska as a "Critical Habitat" for Our Polar Bears // Current (external - login to view) -

Save The Tiger Fund | Home (external - login to view)

Great tech gifts under $50 - Technology & science - Tech and gadgets - Tech Holiday Guide - (external - login to view) - 5 Solar Gadgets that charge themselves.

2010 LA Auto Show: Hybrid or electric? (external - login to view) - The Jag Kicks A
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Daily News (external - login to view)

Energy Conservation How To Lower Your Home Energy Bills (external - login to view)

GM hiring to push electric effort beyond Volt | Money | Toronto Sun - Volt confidently leads the way into the future, now

Feds testing electric car | Canada | News | Toronto Sun - No trickery this time .It is doable. Big cities 1st.

CanadianDriver Green News Smart and Toronto Hydro launch EV program (external - login to view) - Toronto/Canada must lead the way.

Energy efficient homes needed: Environmental commissioner | Canada | News | Toronto Sun - Energy efficient homes needed, now.

11 fun eco-gift ideas for 2010 | Go Green - We Are KEYE TV

Forever Forward into the Future... Green/Clean Tech is Now, it is the Future.. The Light is Green the Future is clear .Green/Clean Tech is now, it is the only way to ensure a Sustainable/Prosperous Future.
YouTube - First Drive: 2011 Chevy Volt (external - login to view)
Thanks for that Avro

The Chevy Volt is a Cool/ Stylish / Electric Ride, although , like most production vehicles, not quite as Cool/Stylish as the Volt Concept Car ..Having said....The Volt as well as most New Electric Vehicle's are getting better with each new generation..

The Telsa Roaster is Another Wicked lookin' Mean Clean Electic Machine ..

(external - login to view)
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Thanks for that Avro

The Chevy Volt is a Cool Stylish Electric Ride, although , like most , not quite as Cool/Stylish as the Volt Concept Car ..

Getting one for my wife.
Then She is a very Lucky Lady ..
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Then She is a very Lucky Lady ..

Nope, I am.
Well said man... Does she visit this site often? though ,Good to hear .It seems to be getting harder for most to find that 1 and only soulmate..Good to know there's still some lucky one's out there.Cheers
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DOE and NASA Reach Cleanup Agreements with the State of California for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory - Good to hear - Very important to keep things Clean/Clear if we are to move Forever Positively Forward from here...
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Green/Clean Tech
The High tech / Almost Living /Self sustaining /Building of the future
Imagine what a new Green/Clean Tech City of the future might look like ....
I picture Sky scrappers that seem to touch the clouds ..With green rooves and architecture unique to each artists interpretation ....Solar Panel Windows ...Every third floor or so a green house ..Used to grow food... Every 7th to grow bio Fuel ( Not derived from food crops) .....all Fed hydroponically through the vast tubes and hoses that would run like viens throughout the building, not only feeding the plants, but heating and cooling the High tech/ Almost Living/self sustaining building of the future.Clean Filtered water quenching thirst/It's various foods satisfying the appetities of its residents, employees ,visitors, shop owners, curious enthusiastic buyers, stunned on lookers and passer byers ..
I can imagine -1 High Tech ,Self sustaining, Almost living building ..Creating/running off ,it's own energy ...With Little ,if nothing left to waste. For even the waste would be coverted/recycled into energy , fertilizer, something useful.Anything extra would be released for use ,for free ,for others who truly believe in Green/Clean Tech ,sustainability ,prosperity, the city of the future ...

Quote has been trimmed, See full post: View Post

Looking Forward to the Green/Clean Architecture of the Future, Now!

Green Architecture for the Future (external - login to view)

Green architecture: 12 designs of the future | Environment | (external - login to view)

The future of green architecture - news - *faircompanies (external - login to view)

The Future of Green Architecture: A Floating Museum | Popular Science (external - login to view)

Timeline: Sun Power Gets Easier with New Lightweight Panels | Popular Science (external - login to view)

Cool green architecture of the future (external - login to view)

The Cooper Union Building: The Future of Green Architecture (external - login to view)

Green Architecture and the Future of Building – Ecopreneurist (external - login to view)

The future of architecture - 14 green buildings - (external - login to view)

24 Fantastic Future Wonders of Green Design :WebUrbanist (external - login to view)

Green/Clean Tech is here , now...It is the only way to ensure a Sustainable/Prosperous Future for all ...

The Light is Green, The Future is Clear.....Green/Clean Tech...Is Here ...
No ammount of false promotion will clean up the Oilsands/Tailing Ponds..It is not a Sustainable/Prosperous Future...

Environment Canada says Alberta top industrial greenhouse gas emitter - Yahoo! Canada Finance (external - login to view) - Top 4 Green House Gas Emitters are in Alberta..

Maps of Tar Sands Development | Oil Sands Truth: Shut down the Tar Sands (external - login to view)

Oil Sands Truth: Shut down the Tar Sands | social and environmental impacts of tar sands heavy oil projects across North America (external - login to view)

It is time Alberta/Canada Cleans Up it act and realizes the Tarsands/Tailing Ponds have no Future...

Green/Clean Tech is Now/Is the Future...
Feds, industry need to step up on oilsands: Baird | Canada | News | London Free Press (external - login to view) - Can the Conservatives be trusted to do what is right with the oilsands/Tailing ponds ? .Are the conservatives genuinely concerned about more than profit?

Prentice was ready to curb oilsands: WikiLeaks - *News - MSN CA (external - login to view)

09/11/2009: Ottawa: Ambassador Jacobson and Environment Minister Prentice discuss continental carbon market and oil sands - Nyheter - Innenriks - (external - login to view)

Hmmm -- Very convenient revelation ...

How many people on this site believe This WikiLeak B.S.?.....

Some Questions to Ponder Over? For Now .But My Fishy senses are tingling ..Have been ever since these WikiLeaks managed to Soak through every Level of Security and Saturate/Flood every Information Station....

Stay tuned
Empire State Building Signs for 55 Million kWh of Renewable Energy Environmental Management & Energy News Environmental Leader (external - login to view) - Environmental Leader

Standing Tall Amongst The Best.
In all its Legendary Brilliance.
The Empire State building shines its Guiding Green Beacon of light, leading the way Forward into a Greener/Cleaner Future..
As all Great Leaders should..

Yet another sign The Light is Green, The Future is Clear ..Green/Clean Tech is Now, it is the Future..

Thanks ” Empire State building ” for doing your part..
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You are aware the Green story is by and large an urban myth aren't you? Corporate slogans are all
that is left of the Green Movement. Most of the we are green we are wonderful hides the real truth out
there in the market place. If you are not totally enraptured with the green movement you are out of step
with God. Green is not a theory anymore its become a religion not based on fact or science.
Going back to horses in farming would mean mass starvation on a scale Stalin could not even imagine.
To start with, an acre comes from the term One good farmer, with One good plow, and One good horse
and plow an acre a day. remember half the farmland would now be converted to fields to feed the horse.
Things are not inspected the way many think they are, I know as a conventional farmer that the government
people come by and take leaf samples, they know how much I sprayed and what I sprayed.
Are most of you aware that Organic Farming does no actual scientific inspections at all? Are you aware
that there are no and I mean no surprise inspections of farms? They say inspection costs would be an
added burden. Well an actual inspection costs about 300 dollars and would be done every 3 years.
The organic industry world wide is based on.......on guessed it PAPER WORK.
If you pay the fee that says you are Organic and you do all the paperwork properly you are a member of the
club, A parishioner of the Green Religion. Now to be fair, I am not against the organic industry I just want
them to play by the rules that everyone else is subject to its called scientific analysis.
I want all green industries or organic industries to be subjected to the same inspections and scientific
regulation that everyone is. There are many really good organic farmer, honest people who work really hard
to give people a quality alternative. Then there are those who are using the organic industry to make a buck
and we pay for it all of us.
The whole green thing has to go back to meaning something that is thought out and is used to benefit our
surroundings not just be some slogan or mantra, I am willing to be that many people who buy nothing but
organic products are even aware that organic farmers use sprays? If you are going to say please Batman
Tell Me its not so, They do.
My question is what are you calling Green Technology and is it really green or are we being told its green?
I call iITt.( The Thread) Green/Clean Tech, DamnGrumpy ...Is right there, above you ... jk...

The only thing constant is change ..Change is the Seasons ...Green/Blue is the Earth and Water that surrounds you ..Yes , Living Organisms Die...Energy Transforms ..Good ideas Take Form ...Become Reality ...Live Eternally to Eternity and Forever After.....Amen to Big Papa "G".



Choose your History/ Future...I'll choose mine...

Green/Clean Tech is here now, It Is the Future...DamnGrumpy...Gotta think positive as we move Forever Forward into the Future..

Everything is Energy and Information...The Rest is Recyclable Waste...

Thinking positive is fine, but positive thought has to be rational as well or the movement loses
credibility with the masses. At present, there is no Green in Green it has become a corporate
shill game. There is of course some success and I applaud that but the fact is no matter what
they are doing no one inspects whether they are honest or not and if they don't have the science
to back up their words it means nothing. If you are truly interested in the Green movement being
credible, positive and honest then insist that those claiming their products and services are green.
should have to prove it on more than just their word. I like you would like to see some rational
progress toward a cleaner world. We can do a lot but we cannot change mother natures idea for
changing climate. We can work toward producing cleaner air and water, in fact on work on the
Board of Directors that is trying to do precisely that in the Agriculture Industry. It is a program to
reduce sprays and the kinds of sprays on orchard crops by using sterile insect technology and
mating disruption lures. We use science and constant monitoring, and enforcement to make sure
everyone is in compliance. The municipalities, taxpayers and farmers are all part of a partnership
to make our environment a better, cleaner place. If there was no science to ensure we were on
the right track all we would have is paper work like the green and organic industry have right now.
I agree we have to do our part, and part of being positive is ensuring all these Green activists making
claims are in fact producing products that are in accordance with their claims. Paper work and
promises don't cut it, we have to have Proof. Unfortunately honesty must be policed and spot
inspections and scientific testing must ensure Green is Green. That is not negative it is common
My senses say different ..Good thing your sense is not so common...DamnGrumpy
Ethical Oil ?! ..hmph.Blah!

Canadians can make ethical oil choice | Ezra Levant | Columnists | Comment | Toronto Sun - Ethical Oil ? ..Where's the Ethics in Oil?..Seems to me, to be, a Ridiculous Concept..

"Canadian oil isn't perfect, but we're better than the world's other sources of oil, OPEC countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Venezuela and other awful places"

...Smarter Countries are Leaving Oil behind for Higher Hills/Greener Pastures..If we don't change our direction now and become a Greener/Cleaner Country, We will become those "Aweful places" ..

We have got to steer away from "Dirty Oil" Like Most 1st world Countries..

What is Alberta's Alternative to Dirty Biz?...How will Alberta/Canada Ensure Sustainable Prosperity Now and into the Future?...

The Answer/The Solution is Green/Clean Tech...
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Climate change to spur crop shortages by 2020: study - CTV News

There are Solutions ...

--------------------------------------------------------- (external - login to view) - Here's a great site that lists the many who have taken up the challenge of ensuring a Greener/Cleaner Future for all who are now, and will be, in the Generations to come...Thank-You
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Amazing wildlife photos and the stories behind them

Amazing wildlife photos and the stories behind them (external - login to view)

Green/CleanTech Will ensure a more Sustainable/Prosperous Future . For all ...
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Greentech/Cleantech equals Red Meat for Litigators. God Bless Lawyers and the years they will be able to feed at this moveable feast. Full employment for Attorneys. If Allah didn't love Lawyers She wouldn't have made so many of them. Drill Baby Drill.
Green/Clean Tech; Costs me less ...Gives me way more ...I have no debt...I enjoy smaller bills...I have more time to do what I like...I have more control over my Present/Future....

I do all I can, to live within my means...Without great sacrifice..

Green/Clean Tech is an Easier/More Enjoyable lifestyle CHOICE....For Me, Friends, Family and a Growing number of others..

I wish I Would have/Could have done it sooner...

Green/Clean Tech is now, Is the Future...

No matter what "THEY" The "GREY" say ...

We must continue to move Forever Positively Forward into a More Sustainable/Prosperous Future ..
That is Green/Clean Tech..

( Yes Investment, Incentive, Invention, Initiative is always necessary ..but that's the case, with anything..)

Ol' ways , always , lead to New ways/Better Ways.They have to....Willfully...Reluctantly...Stubbornly..But they do...Because the Consquences of not changing for the better/betterment of the next, are Far too Dire...

Peace Or Pieces?


Live Long and Prosper.....

Cheers to Better Ways/Brighter Days

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Live Long and Prosper.....

Cheers to Better Ways/Brighter Days

See you in court for years and years and years! Check it out:

Sierra Club sues over California solar plant (external - login to view)
Solar Plant?.... Good.... perhaps just in a more appropriate location.

("Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation v. U.S. Department of the Interior et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California")

Green/Clean Tech ... Is about Balance...Sustainability..Prosperity...
(While , at the same time,...trying to Respect/Not Wipe out ,... any Rare Earthly Aliens....Cures/Remedies/ Healing Plant life ,that may be, in the surrounding Environment....(Especially Them..There .. Solar Plants!...Gotta Keep them Growin' there eh.I Like those ones......))

So who's this Sierra Club?.....Hardly ever heard of em'?..
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#149 (external - login to view) - 10 Awesome Wildlife Destinations..

- Borneo

- Namibia

- Churchill, Manitoba (external - login to view) - 10 Of The Wildest Places In The World

YouTube - HOME English with subtitles

................... An Earthlingy /Earthy/Earthingly(?)/Earthly Movie( Say that 5 x fast)
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