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Bus driver attacked over fare

Third assault in five weeks has ETS operators more cautious than ever, says union president

Edmonton - Bus drivers are looking over their shoulders more often following the third attack on a transit operator in just five weeks, says the union head. "It almost appears it's one after another. When's it going to stop?" said Stu Litwinowich, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 569.
"The operators are probably looking over their shoulders more and more, wondering what kind of activity's taking place on the bus. They're way more cautious."
A 24-year-old man has been charged with assault following the latest incident.

Bus driver attacked over fare - Crime - Canoe.ca (external - login to view)

This trend is getting out of control. There's talk of putting plexiglass around the drivers area to curb the number of assaults against the drivers. I would also recommend placing security guards on the buses as a further deterent. An additional cost I know but might be a necessity if this continues.
security guards is the answer. Plexiglass just means the passengers are fair game for an attack.
Pretty sad. I wonder what the real reasons are for the attacks? It would be interesting to sit down with the 3 attackers in a nice quiet room and get to the real root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, that will not happen.

If it's going to continue, and if people are really worried about it getting worse, the list of alternative actions could include:
1. Shields
2. Security Guards
3. Armed Security Guards
4. Armed Drivers

There are probably more, but once again, getting down to one-on-one 'conversations' with the offenders to get straight answers to the question, "Why did you attack the driver?" might prove to be the key to the whole thing.

Too simple? Yeah, I know. That would likely be against the Charter.
A little vigilante justice might be in order as well. You know, an elbow to the head as you walk by, followed by a nice Canadian apology. And then we can sit them down and discuss their psychological problems and how to patch up that nasty cut over their eye. Much cheaper than armed guards and waaay more satisfying. Refuse to be bullied by these trouble makers.

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