As coldest winter in 30 years hits, students take refuge in England's highest pub

If you're a student and the coldest winter for 30 years hits the country, where do you take refuge? In a pub, of course.

Britain's coldest winter since the Antarctic-like one of 1978-79, when the top of Big Ben just managed to poke through 300 feet of snow, forced a group of Leeds University students to take refuge in the highest pub in Britain, the Tan Hill Inn, 1,732ft at the head of the desolate Arkengarthdale on the Yorkshire-Durham border.

The partygoers were trapped in the inn - famous for featuring on TV adverts for double glazing - for three days and could do nothing but survive on drinking almost all its ale (how terrible).

But, in typical Blitz spirit, they kept their morale up by hosting nightly quiz sessions and sing-songs.

Happy New Beer

Hiccupy New Year ... Tan Hill Inn, Britain's highest pub, where 30 were trapped

Published: Today
The Sun

PARTYGOERS enjoyed a THREE-DAY lock-in at Britain's highest pub - after they were cut off by 8ft snowdrifts.

A group of 30 drank the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorks almost dry after waking to a white-out on New Year's Day.

We're going snowhere ... some of the revellers outside the Tan Hill Inn during their three-day lock-in

They were finally "freed" yesterday when snowploughs reached the boozer, which is at 1,732ft.

One said: "It's been fun - it's like the ultimate lock-in."

A group from Leeds University's Cross Country Club went to the pub for a New Year's Eve barn dance.

Big freeze ... Christine Harris

Member Nathan Martin, 26, said: "We were meant to go the next day.

"Luckily none of us was in a rush to get home!"

The group had drunk all beers on tap bar one.


He said: "It's been good. There's been a quiz every night which has kept us going."
Pub assistant manager Mike Carter, 44, said: "Morale's been high - people realised they wouldn't be trapped forever.

"They've peeled carrots and potatoes and helped make dinner."

Meanwhile, in the Cambrian Mountains in Mid-Wales, Christine Harris climbed steps caked with snow showing the direction of the wind near her home in Llanidloes.

Forecasters expect wintry chaos to worsen this week.

The Met Office predicts "heavy and frequent" snow showers in the North, East, South East and London.

Temperatures could drop to -12C (10F) at night.

* FOURTEEN New Year revellers saw in 2010 trapped in a lift in Manchester City Centre.

Firefighters released them at 12.10am.
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We just use our snowshoes and walk home.

8 ft? Pffffft.
This year the Arctic Oscillation is extremely negative, most of the past 30 years has been positive. This image shows the general patterns for positive and negative phases, with positive on the left, and negative on the right:
So far around here it's been a pretty warm January. It's quite a bit above freezing right now and snow was already melting at 6 this morning.
Good thing it's weather and not climate.
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