chihuahua survives barbecue mishap

Chihuahua Survives Barbecue Mishap
Chihuahua Survives Barbecue Mishap
Airdate: 7/17/2009 The X-ray is startling. A four-pound Chihuahua has a sharp barbeque fork lodged in his brain.

A backyard family gathering took a terrifying turn when a giant fork snapped in half, flew through the air and stabbed the three-month-old puppy in the head. Smokey the Chihuahua ran off into the woods and was lost there for two days before his owner found him.

Dr. Keaton Smith of the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital spoke with INSIDE EDITION about the little pooch’s scary injury. "I wasn't really sure that there was anything that I could do for him, and we considered euthanasia."

However, the doctor decided that the brave puppy deserved a chance, so he sedated Smokey and pulled the fork out.

Miraculously, Smokey survived. Though his right eye is weak, he's expected to make a full recovery.

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And here I thought you were going to post a good BarB Q recipe for dog. Chihuahua would be kinda like squirrel. You would need two per serving.
lone wolf
Nos quito Taco Bell

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