Man opts for nights in office to stay away from lover


China National News
Thursday 5th November, 2009

A 25-year-old man in China has surprised his bosses when he volunteered to do overtime every single day. Zhou said he was only trying to stay away from his girlfriend, who was getting too possessive.

'She expects me to tell her every single thing that happens in my life. She expects me to call back and tell her every time I get a call from a woman. It's irritating,' the China Daily reported Thursday quoting Zhou, a resident of Chongqing municipality.

'The only way to keep my distance from her is to stay in office till she goes to sleep,' he said.

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Wonder if he gets paid overtime .
An artist, a librarian and a scientist were talking about lovers and wives.

"It is much better to have a wife," said the librarian. "Only then can you have stability and loyalty in a partner."

"I much perfer to have lovers," said the artist. "They are much more mysterious and adventurous."

"It is much better to have both," said the scientist. "Your wife will think you are with the lover, the lover will think you are with the wife and you will have plenty of time to get work done in the lab."
a Chinese scientist .Good one Niflmir (external - login to view)
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