I saw on the news last night a reporter state, "Obama is working on a road to peace in the middle east." And the story was about Israel and the Palestinians/Arabs. Gee, people are killing themselves here in this part of the world every day. Where is the peace they are talking about? This is media doublespeak. What they ought to be talking about is ending a state of war. I mean, how can you talk of peace, when both sides are, at present, killing each other?

These are war talks.

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Shomron Resident Suspect in Numerous Terror Attacks, Some Fatal

November 1, 2009 The lifting of a gag order and report of the arrest of a Shomron resident, suspected of acts of terror, has opened the door for an influx of criticism against residents of Yehuda and Shomron.
37-year-old Yaakov Teital, of Shvut Rachel, remains in ISA (Israel Security Agency - Shin Bet) administrative detention, a prime suspect in two murders and other acts of terrorism. The former American is believed to have murdered two Arabs in 1997, a resident of the eastern capital and a second attack near Carmel, in Yehuda.

Police are also looking at Teital for a number of other unsolved acts of terror, including a bombing attack against prominent radical left-wing professor, Dr. Ze’ev Sternhell, who was lightly injured, as well as a bombing attack against a missionary family in Ariel, which left one person with serious injuries. He is also tied to a number of bombing attacks against Arabs.

Police stated on Sunday afternoon that rumors connecting Teital to a motzei shabbos fatal bombing attack against a Tel Aviv to’eva headquarters are unfounded, stating Teital is not linked to this yet unsolved attack.

Teital is married, the father of four children, a 4-month-old infant to age 5. Teital was arrested during Sukkos, but there was a gag order on the case. Police reportedly did not find anything incriminating in the former Marine’s home, but another report states authorities did uncover a weapons cache under his home, containing weapons and ammunition smuggled into the country when he made aliyah.

(Yechiel Spira - YWN Israel)