Lashing out at the world

Crazy reality we live in... I had to chuckle at the rock through the window tho... the things u have to do to get to jail eh?

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I've known a couple of guys who used jail as a free winter resort. One fellow used to go into all the stores on the main drag in Quesnel and steal stuff, fill a shopping cart and then push it back and forth in front of the cop shop during the first snow fall every year and shout, "Hey, its cold out here. Let me in." One year they tried to ignore him so he threw a rock through the window.

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If he's well enough to carry a rifle and take hostages, he's obviously fit for work. Claim denied...

Seriously, I`ve never heard anything positive about the WCB and I hope I never find myself in a situation where I`m at their mercy. I completely disgree with this person`s actions, but the current system is neither fair, nor just.

Interview of Hostage Taker's neighbor:


..."Pat's a really good guy, he means well, but he just can't hold his temper, especially if he's been drinking," Bellerose says. "For the last week and a half or so, he's been so angry with the WCB. He's had a tough time, but I can't help but think he's causing his own grief."

Bellerose said he and Pat, whose last name he didn't know, have both been tenants in the assisted-living complex for people with disabilities for several years, but they live on different floors and have only gotten to know one another in recent months.

Pat also complained of an ugly custody battle with his ex-wife, Bellerose said, "and you know how bitter and twisted that stuff can make you."

He says Pat once threatened to throw himself off the High Level Bridge.

It's an all-too-familiar story for Rick Bremont, vice-president of Alberta Injured Workers Society.

"Thankfully, it rarely reaches the point where someone does something like this," he says. "But I have to say, when I was going through it, I got so angry at times that the thought crossed my mind."...

Neighbour says gunman angry with system - Crime - (external - login to view)


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