If your idea of fun is smoking an African woodbine, having your hair in dreds, calling everybody "man", listening to The Beatles and wearing trousers so flared that it looks as though your legs aren't moving as you walk, then this car is for you.

A businessman has decided to give a hearse a psychedelic makeover.

Matthew Shuter, from Somerset, said it's an opportunity for funky funerals for the Woodstock generation.

Naturally, Mr Shuter was inspired by a trip to the annual Glastonbury music festival, a place that leaves you thinking you have travelled back to the 1960s thanks to the abundance of flower power camper vans.

Would you be seen dead in this? The psychedelic hearse created for the Woodstock generation

By Daily Mail Reporter
18th October 2009

A businessman has given a hearse a psychedelic makeover in his bid to beat the recession.

Matthew Shuter told how he bought the 1989 Daimler after spotting a gap in the market for funky funerals.

He said: 'The Woodstock generation is now dying out. They really lived a colourful life - they wouldn't want to go to their funeral in a boring black hearse.

'It's a recession proof business opportunity for funky funerals.'

Mr Shuter, 54, from Somerset, now plans to auction the vehicle on eBay, at a reserve of 5,000 - and he claims people are already starting to show interest.

Psychedelic: Matthew Shuter had a Daimler hearse printed with a Sixties-style pattern after spotting a gap in the market for 'funky funerals'

'I've been approached by a man who wanted to put seats in and use it to ferry guests to weddings.'

Mr Shuter, who owns an electronics business, told how he was inspired by a trip to Glastonbury.

'I noticed there are lots of flower power camper vans out there in all sorts of shapes and sizes,' he said.

As well as funerals, Mr Shuter says the hearse is perfect for festival goers or even beach bums who need a way to transport their surfboards.

'It doesn't just have to be used as a hearse - it's a brilliant surfing vehicle and requires minimum adaptation to take a surfboard in on the rollers,' he said.

'You can also make an impression when attending a festival - take out the decking and there's plenty of room to sleep in the back.'

Mr Shuter bought the three-door Daimler from a second-hand dealer before taking it to a printing company to have it vinyl wrapped with his design.

Versatile: The 54-year-old, from Somerset, insists that the vehicle can also be used for festivals and for transporting surf boards

'I chose the pattern - I wanted it to look something like the scenery from the Beatles' film The Yellow Submarine,' he said.

'I wanted something completely opposite to the traditional black - something someone like Damien Hirst might chose for his funeral.

'The guys at the company thought my idea was a bit strange, but they went along with it. They saw the sense in it when I explained.

'I had an idea of what it would look like but when I got a look at the finished effect it took my breath away.

Unsurprisingly, the eccentric vehicle attracts a lot of attention.

'People go goggle eyed when they see me driving by in it,' added Mr Shuter.

'Lots of people stop and ask me what it's about, but when I explain they understand why I've done it.'