And yet one more incidence of Mexican injustice

And yet one more incidence of Mexican injustice. The incidence of Pavel Kulicek who was in Mexico on a holiday with his wife and two daughters. He befriended someone he thought was a fellow dirt bike enthusiast and the fellow turned out to be a drug lord. So the police arranged a surprise bust and Pavel got stuck in the middle. In spite of absolutely no evidence against him, he is still being held more than a year later. The Mexican authorities seem to be doing nothing but obfuscating and our own government seem to be doing absolutely dick all to help Pavel out.
When a former prez of a capitalist country go to a communist country and get a couple trespassing reporters out, why can't a pol from Canada spring a Canadian from a country supposedly friendly to Canada, especially when there's NO evidence to support his being held?

The Official Website in Support of Pavel Kulisek's Case (external - login to view)

Why people still travel to Mexico for holidays instead of Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, etc. is waaaaaay past my level of understanding. And our "government" should be pressuring Mexico to buck up and fly straight or face embargoes or sanctions against dealings with Mexico.

I just sent Peter Kent an email requesting that the gov't DO something besides sit on its dense backside.
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We had another Mexica holiday planned for this coming Spring. We going to spend two weeks in Cozumel. We have cancelled everything. The travel agent gave us the opening we needed when they couldn't provide the accommodations we needed on the days we wanted them. There have just been too many incidents where Canadians have been incarcerated for no good reason. Canadians have been killed and the Mexican police have been no more use than the Keystone Cops. They say they are worried about their reputation but their reputation is already down the toilet. We won't be going back to Mexico any time soon
I don't know what is up with Mexico. My daughter has a friend there who has invited her several times to go down to spend some time. This friend says these incidents are rare and are generally isolated to certain areas. Well, tell that to the family of the American navy crewman who was stabbed to death in downtown Halifax not too long ago. Sure sh*t happens, but Mexico doesn't seem to know on which side its bread is buttered and treats foreigners like something scraped off the bottom of their shoe. At least we sought, and achieved justice, (well, the Canadian way) for the murdered American sailor, but Mexico will blame everyone who, is not a national, or who has not paid a bribe, that they can for any indiscression they can find.

There are some places I will not go, and I've warned my daughter not to go to Mexico, it is not nearly as safe as Russia, where she went to university last year, and has its own hazards too.

We can't expect our government to tell another country how to run it's "justice" system, as flawed as it might be, but if I were PM I would tell them that unless they straighten up, I will issue a travel advisory that will stop all Canadian tourism to their country, (except for the brave or stupid ones who would ignore it anyway). As it is now, I will not go there, I will tell my kids not to go there, I will tell anyone else not to go there. I would go as far as to put up a sign above the Mexicana, Aeromexico, and any other airline's departure gates "Abandon all hope ye who enter here". The country needs to be boycotted, if not to try to effect change, at least to prevent another poor shmuck from getting caught up in that quagmire money grubbing corrupt politician/lawyer bottom feeding trough they call a justice system. End Rant.

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