god, there are some wankers in this country

Crime expert backs calls for 'licence to compute' (external - login to view)

Tags: COMPUTERS/INTERNET/SECURITY (external - login to view)
Australia's leading criminologist thinks online scams have escalated to such a point that first-time users of computers should have to earn a licence to surf the web.
Russel Smith, principal criminologist at the Australian Institute of Criminology said the concept of a "computer drivers licence" should be taken seriously as an option for combating internet-related crime.
Crime expert backs calls for 'licence to compute' - Security - Technology - News - iTnews.com.au (external - login to view)

last time I looked, having a license for a gun didnt stop people from using it for a crime.......having a drivers license didnt stop people from committing a crime......
Hmmm... This just doesn't compute.

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