The Move to Depopulate the Planet

The Move to Depopulate the Planet
'You will see exactly how they have created the problem; caused a reaction so widespread it is really quite impressive how successful they have been; and offered a solution: A deadly solution.I ask that you please make an attempt to distribute this paper everywhere you possibly can. The time grows short and so many are going to be caught unawares. By getting the word out, you may be able to prevent someone from needless pain and suffering.'
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Interesting article - I remember reading about an experiment where mice were allowed to breed freely in a closed environment - given plenty of food - water etc. They were only limited by there confined space. After exploding in population 2 things happened. One birth rates went down (many births were deformed and died)- Two - the mice started eating each other. There was a natural balance of population at the end point.
We have delayed the pandemics with our modern medicines and methods. Me thinks that one is waiting around the corner for us. It will not be a government sponsored pandemic but it may be one that government has little will or control over preventing.
This Culture of Death, that sees the world a pristine ideal free of human pestilence, has been a consistent theme in human history, but it has never been more prominent than now, in the guise of post nationalism (economic oligarchic global investment organism), and especially radical, pagan environmentalism.

It is an agenda that is engrained in Supra-national agencies, most prominently the U.N., but also the WTO, IMF, World Bank.. which work in concert to subvert national sovereignty, impose austerity and open nations for looting of natural resources, create 'Free Trade Zones' of desperate workers, by imposing hunger, and destroying labour enfranchisement, and, controlling and reducing population of third world countries.

Anyone who doesn't think this is not an objective, palpable evil manifest in a very influential and advantaged oligarchy, does not know the true state of the world.
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