Donald Marshall Dead at 55

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Donald Marshall, the Canadian man who was convicted of murder in 1971, but acquitted more than a decade later, died early Thursday morning.
He was 55 years old.
The native activist passed away at a hospital in Sydney, N.S. at about 1:30 a.m., his sister Roseanne Sylvester told The Canadian Press
He had been admitted to hospital a few days ago and his family confirmed he was terminally ill. Marshall had gone through a double lung transplant six years ago.
Over the years, Marshall has come to symbolize the fight against wrongful convictions in Canada.
At 17, he was convicted of murder in the death of Sandy Seale, in Sydney, N.S. He spent 11 years in prison on the conviction, before being released in 1982 and eventually acquitted in 1983.
Another man was eventually convicted of manslaughter in Seale's death, and spent a year in jail.
meh, he's just another ne'er do well, lock him up anyway.
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meh, he's just another ne'er do well, lock him up anyway.

The justice(sic) system in Canada treats aboriginal people the same way the system in the southern states treat African Americans. If a crime is committed, grab the first injun and blame it on him.

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