When a group of primary school children were returning from a trip to the seaside, their journey home was more eventful than they thought it would be.

They were travelling up the M3 from Weymouth in Dorset when their double-decker bus burst into flames.

Pictured: Primary school children flee as bus carrying them home from seaside bursts into flames

By Daily Mail Reporter
02nd August 2009
Daily Mail

One moment, the primary school children were enjoying their return trip from a day at the seaside.

Then they started to smell smoke.

Within minutes, they were scurrying away to the edge of the motorway as their bus was engulfed in a fireball.

The bus, which was carrying primary school children, was totally gutted by the flames

It took 28 firemen to douse the fire, as the passengers watched from further up the road

The 66 passengers, including primary school children and their carers, were travelling up the M3 from Weymouth in Dorset on Friday evening.

As they approached Basingstoke, Hampshire, some of the passengers smelled smoke and told the driver to pull over.

They all managed to get off the bus, and within moments flames were rocketing out of every corner.

It took 28 firefighters 90 minutes to put out the blaze, which melted the motorway Tarmac.

The cause of the fire is so far unknown, but it is believed to have started in one of the bus's wheel hubs.