An estate agent (or "realtor" as I think you say in North America) known as Carla Calamity has won the competition to work as a witch at Somerset's Wookey Hole Caves, a tourist attraction.

Wookey Hole Caves (the world "Wookey" comes from the Old English "Wocig", which meant "animal trap") was formed millennia ago by the River Axe grinding its way through the limestone. The caves have been used by people for 50,000 years, and are also used to mature Cheddar cheese.

The waters of the River Axe are used in a handmade paper mill, the oldest extant in Britain, which began operations circa 1610, although a corn grinding mill operated there as early as 1086

The Witch of Wookey Hole is a stalagmite in the first chamber of the caves and the central character in an old English legend.

A man from Glastonbury is betrothed to a girl from Wookey. A witch living in Wookey Hole Caves curses the romance so that it fails. The man, now a monk, seeks revenge on this witch who—having been jilted herself—frequently spoils budding relationships. The monk stalks the witch into the cave and she hides in dark corner near one of the underground rivers. The monk blesses the water and splashes some of it at the dark parts of the cave. Catching the witch off guard, the monk splashes the water at the dark corner she is hiding in. The blessed water immediately petrifies the witch, and she remains in the cave to this day.

Calamity beat 300 finalists, both women and men, to land her dream job as the caves resident "witch" to entertainment the tourists.

Wicked! With spellbinding charm, estate agent wins £50,000 job as Wookey Hole witch

By Daily Mail Reporter
29th July 2009
Daily Mail

And the Hex Factor winner is... Carla Calamity.

The former estate agent (real name Carole Bohanan) was yesterday named the new 'resident witch' of Wookey Hole Caves near Wells in Somerset.

She beat 300 other finalists who queued for hours to take part in X Factor-style auditions. In total, 3,000 men and women applied for the job.

The new witch of Wookey: Carole Bohanan AKA 'Carla Calamity' beat off more than 400 other cloaked applicants for the role

Scary bunch: Hundreds of would-be witches and wizards auditioned for the role at the Somerset attraction

Armed with broomsticks, they had 60 seconds to wow the caves' managers and the outgoing witch. said after her win: 'Going from an estate agent to this is a natural progression I suppose. You need a bit of magic and witchery to sell houses.'

The job comes with a salary of £50,000 pro rata based on work during school holidays and at weekends. Carla Calamity will teach visitors about witchcraft and magic.

In busy times, she will have to leave her rented Shepton Mallet home and sleep in the caves. 'It will be like a palace compared to what I am living in at the moment,' she said.

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