Obama starts 'Race to the Top' for schools to beat India, China


Obama starts 'Race to the Top' for schools to beat India, China
China National News
Saturday 25th July, 2009

President Barack Obama has announced a race for $4.35 billion in federal grants to improve academic achievement and reverse a decline in American public schools to meet increasing competition from countries like India and China.

'In an economy where knowledge is the most valuable commodity a person and a country have to offer, the best jobs will go to the best educated, whether they live in the United States, or India, or China,' Obama said announcing the competition Friday.

'In a world where countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow, the future belongs to the nation that best educates its people,' he said in an address at the Department of Education. 'We have talked about it for decades but we know that we have not made the progress we need to make.'

Dubbed the 'Race to the Top,' the competition aims to ease limits on charter schools, which receive public funding but generally are exempt from some state or local rules and regulations, link teacher pay to student achievement and move toward common US academic standards.

'America will not succeed in the 21st century unless we do a far better job in educating our sons and daughters,' Obama said announcing the education grant programme created under the $787 billion economic stimulus plan.

'Rather than divvying it up and handing it out, we are letting states and districts compete for it. That's how we can incentivise excellence and spur reform and launch a race for the top in America's public schools,' he said.

'That race starts today,' said Obama portraying the drive to improve education as part of a broader push to promote economic growth in the face of the worst US financial crisis in decades.

The US that has always led the way in innovation is now being outpaced in math and science education, he noted

Good show Obama .
Obama is obviously rebuilding America because most people in the world view Americans as not to bright.

Over the years the education system in North America became retrained from people who used the human rights a lot more then usual.

When I was going to school back in the sixties education was simple it was all about reading writing arithmetic and physical education that were the core or foundation that would open all the doors for the student if he or she decided to pursue post secondary education.

The system streamed lined students where if they got 60% or less they went to learn a trade if they got 61% -75% they went to two year college diploma and the students that got above 76% went on to university to get their degrees and the ones that got 49% or less they just dropped out ended starting up a business usually illegal or just ended up on welfare.

Over the years parents demanded that their kids be put into the next grade even though they were failing then they started demanding that the right for their kids to not take compulsorily courses so when they graduated high school they made Forest Gump look like a genius.

The parents got the system to get rid of the strap a means of punishing kids if they were bad.

The schools became so bad places of learning that a lot of American schools made the school depicted in the movie To Sir With Love looks like an Ivy League school.

Now gangs roam the schools and here in Toronto they got police officers in full uniform with guns at their side patrolling the hallways.

Kids that go to school now have a 2% chance of getting gunned down or fatally stabbed in school.

In America it is a lot higher.

I hope Obama is successful on getting more kids to graduate and if he can do it then other schools in North America will follow his examples
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