Best Cities in the World

The Monocle a magazine for EcoFriendly-Euro-Yuppies has come out with its "Best Cities in the World to Live In" rankings.

Scored apparently by ranking the following:

Crime stats.
State education systems.
Sunshine and weather.
State Health care.
Public transportation.
Access to nature.
Ease of starting a successful business.
Drinking and Shopping.
Environmental issues and sustainability.
Forward planning and government concerning the environment and sustainability.

They do not count or rate affordability as it is just assumed
you have money.

And now for the winners.
1 Zurich
2 Copenhagen
3 Tokyo
4 Munich
5 Helsinki
6 Stockholm
7 Vienna
8 Paris
9 Melbourne
10 Berlin
11 Honolulu
12 Madrid
13 Sydney
14 Vancouver
15 Barcelona
16 Fukuoka
17 Oslo
18 Singapore
19 Montreal
20 Auckland
21 Amsterdam
22 Kyoto
23 Hamburg
24 Geneva
25 Lisbon

So Europe gets 15 cities.
North America gets 3 of which Canada gets 2.
Japan gets 3
Australia 2
NZ 1
Nothing for Russia or China.
Nothing for South America, Central America or Africa.

Interesting that Rome, London and New York failed the cut
but Van and Montreal made the grade.
Vancouver *big thumbs up* Woooooo Hooooooo
In Between Man
Check out this list recently published by the Economist. Most livable cities in the world.


Vancouver has been ranked the best place to live in the world for the fifth year in a row in a survey by the Economist magazine, while Toronto took fifth place out of 132 cities.

Top 10
cities Livability index (%)*

1. Vancouver .....1.3
2. Melbourne .....1.8
3. Vienna .........2.3
4. Perth ..........2.5
5. Toronto .......3.0
6. Adelaide .......3.0
7. Sydney .........3.2
8. Copenhagen ....3.7
9. Geneva .........3.9
10. Zurich ........3.9

(*0% indicates exceptional quality of living and 100% indicates an intolerable one) The two Canadian cities rank among the top five because they have low crime rates, little threat from instability or terrorism, and a highly developed transport and communications infrastructure, says the survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Vancouver scored a livability index of 1.3 per cent, with zero indicating exceptional quality of living and 100 indicating life there is intolerable or severely restricted.
A good transportation system helped Vancouver top the Economist's list of the world's most livable cities, again.
(Charlie Cho/CBC)
Toronto's livability index was 3.0.

Australia also fared well in the survey, securing four spots among the top 10 cities.
Algiers came in at the bottom of the ranking. Nine cities, including Algiers, present the worst-case scenario in which most aspects of living quality are severely restricted, according to the survey.

The EIU's livability ranking is part of the magazine's Worldwide Cost of Living Survey.
The survey considered 40 individual factors in categories such as stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure.


Good public transit in Vanvcouver!?!?!? Don't believe the hype.
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The article writers have never been to Moose Jaw or this list would be different.
Lists for the mentally listless!
If I was back in SHANGHAI ......
Decline of America, nice place to visit etc. I read in that people who do biz in Russia and China never say, "I found and bought a nice cottage/dacha in China/Russia." Yet they say that about Brazil quite often.

Transit can be good in Vancouver if you live by the Skytrain. Plus our weather is awesome. No monsoons, no typhoons, no hurricanes, no heat waves, earthquakes are small and rare, just rain at any time, but soft rain, like in Ireland.
Don't care what anyone says... I love London! Brussels is pretty nice too.
Which American City made the list?
Quote: Originally Posted by catmanView Post

Which American City made the list?

Oh, Honolulu.
Among the international cities I would have put Barcelona first.
Sadly, San Jose, Costa Rica is no longer ranked among the best cities as it has succumbed to the drug trade and crime.
As a clean, hospitable city, and a great place to raise kids, Nanaimo B.C. beats all of these places.

London has fabulous museums and a great city to walk around as it has cool neighbourhoods. Washington DC has great museums also but the walking around part is a bit dodgy.
Nanaimo Harbour


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