Global Warming Alarmism Enriches Gore, Bankrupts the Rest of Us


'Let us begin today with full disclosure: For those who don't know my position on global warming alarmism and its insidious uses, it is that this phenomenon is the greatest hoax in modern times and is being used to achieve things - bad things - quite apart from its ostensible goal of "saving the planet."
Al Gore wanders the spheroid he is determined to save, spouting increasingly inane observations as his bank account grows and his "carbon footprint" becomes ever more Godzilla-like, considering all the jet fuel burned as he hurtles from appearance to appearance. I have read that his speaking fee is now $175,000 a pop, a fee for which his audiences are fed what seems to me to be an amazing concoction of lies, distortions and flights of fancy.'
Global warming alarmism enriches Gore, bankrupts the rest of us - (external - login to view)
Bush forced us to pay taxes for GW research. That's what bankrupts everyone else.
L Gilbert
Love the picture. Gore's one supersized ultrahypocrite. Even a bigger one than Arnodt Shortzpecker. However, hubby and I dropped oil shares in favor of shares in new technologies more sensitive to ecologies and it pays. Company A that produces something that pollutes folds, Company B starts up producing ecofriendly product. Better for planet, better for people.
Creating chaos and confusion is an industry like many others. Slime bags like Gore and Suzuki make millions jetting around the world telling others they must conserve. There is big bucks in running any enviro charity. ANd just like in politics a lie is as good or better than the truth if you can get some dummy to believe it and donate. If all these charities could no longer issue tax receipts they would soon dry up and blow away.
So Global Warming is the new conspiracy theory eh? Far out!

Strange especially coming from those who insist New York, Pennsylvania and DC was done by a 12 ft billionaire Muzzie in a cave.

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