Governments addicted to gambling revenues?time for an intervention?

Some governments like Russia are facing their addiction to gamblin revenue..Good move wish others would follow

Politicians are becoming addicted to gambling revenues at the expense of those addicted senior gamblers...Bus them in ..take their money..send them home..It's just plain criminal..It is time for governments to get outta the gambling business.Sell them off.Governments into gambling Only adds the belief that government only cares about 1 thing. $$$$...

Russia's casinos forced to close down - Russia- (external - login to view)

http://www.novascotiadownsyndromesoc..._final-web.pdf (external - login to view)

Hooked on VLTs, 'Trailer Park' star plans film

Even Jon Dunsworth who plays Jim Lahey on "The trailor park boy sknows the problems with Gaming machines...

I believe privately/big biz owned casino's can be fun to visit..Once in a while ,but, do we really need 3 or 4 with in 30 minutes of each other..What does this say about the priorities of the Ontario government?..Do we really need so many Casino's?...It's bad enough we have to worry about Big biz rippin the people off..Do we really need the government in the biz!...

who is regulating the regulators..It is sad...!

Problem gamblers hit Ontario casinos with $3.5B lawsuit

New Casino commercial ads on radio and T.V say they don't want Gamblers in their casino's and say 3 % are addicted gamblers...False...It's more like 50% are addicted repeat gamblers..Those problem gamblers account for up to 60% of the casino's revenues.!...But of course you won't here this outta the horses mouth ..Ignornace is bliss...Not hard to research the facts, when you have 4 casino's to study within 1 hr of your house...Don't believe the government statistics .They like to mess with the numbers in their own favour..Like the slot machines.Do your own research..The truth is easily visible..

Bus the seniors in ,luring them with coupons and play points ..Keep them there all day till the next bus comes to pick them up..You can spend $100 easily in less than 30min(do the math)...with nowhere else to go will be waiting a long time for your ride home..Depressing /sad ain't it?

Ontario's Mob - Government cultivating addicts (external - login to view)

Time to get outta the gambling biz Governments...Show the people you care about more than the money!...But if it is about the money .There is far more money to be made in regulating casino's and helping addicted gambers than creating them..

BAD BUSINESS to be in when your the government..!

I think it is time Canadians arrange an intervention for the Canadian/Ontario /municiple governments ..It is time they face their addiction to gambling revenue..!..

Time Government gets outta the gambling industry .So They can fairly regulate it.!

It's common sense..!
Just another nail in our financial coffin GF. It's only 3% of the population who are addicted so they say. That's hardly worth the bother.

Russia realizes the devastation these casinos can wreak on the weak minded. They did the right thing. Our government is too addicted to make a move like that. Ethics is not high on their list of priorities.
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