End Bankrupty in California, ...Tax Legalized POT!

View Poll Results: How many non-smokers of "de'herb" how many tokers/jokers? As if we can't pick you out
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Pass another, tomorrow, fruit of my garden 1 20.00%
I think we should legalize extra cash for the economy 3 60.00%
Got got enough freaks as it is don't need more 1 20.00%
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The most remarkable stories about cannabis and cancer are to be heard in Nova Scotia these days.Two nights ago I got an update on two cancer patients in my community, one has brain cancer and associated she has complete function while on the oil including not needing canes and a walker for mobility and another lung cancer patient is pain free and enjoying greatly enhanced lifestyle that he reports he has not enjoyed for decades. There is a lot of good research now that will be produced as evidence someday in court when we finally haul those who have carried on this great crime against humanity. If there is anyone I want to see drawn and quartered it's these filthy bastards.

I think you know that no one is going to lose their head over it. Once there is a knew war to wage and money to reap and leverage to hold over the poor, the youthful and the non-conformists, society will move on and all will be forgotten.

Perhaps then those same *******s will forgive the rest of us for letting them get away with crap like this since we know how stuipid they can be. So when you look at it from their point of view, really it's our fault not theirs. We know they're *******s. That's what *******s do.
captain morgan
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Problem is, the industry built up around arresting, processing and inprisoning the people who use it now. Do you think someone is just going to give that up without a fight?

Law enforcement, especially the DEA is really big business in the States. You likely won't find a more effective and powerful lobby interested in maintaining their power and employment #'s.

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