The Queen: Don't link my Jubilee celebration to 'flashy' Olympics

The Queen has yet again given another example why she and the monarchy are much loved whereas our corrupt politicians are much loathed, and why getting rid of the monarchy to become a republic - a form of government where a politician is Head of State, which can't be good - would be a big mistake.

2012 is the year of the London Olympics, and also the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, when the country celebrates 60 years of Elizabeth II being on the Throne.

The Government has been attempting to link the Diamond Jubilee celebrations with the 2012 London Olympics as one great big celebration.

But the Queen, 83, has privately requested that her 60 years on the throne are celebrated separately, avoiding ‘flashy displays of wealth’.

The Queen believes that Britain may still be feeling the effects of the recession in 2012, so she doesn't want to saddle the taxpayer with huge costs.

The costs to the taxpayer of the 2012 Olympics have soared to £9.3billion.

The Queen, who has been Britain's Head of State since she was just 25 years old, and the Royal Family are more in touch with the British people than any politician. The Queen probably meets more members of the public each week than the PM.

She has been Queen since February 1952 and was crowned in June 1953, much to the delight of a war-damaged nation.

Maybe we should just get rid of all politicians, including the Prime Minister, and just let the Queen run the country instead. Thank God for the monarchy.

The Queen: Don't link my Jubilee celebration to 'flashy' Olympics

By Katie Nicholl (external - login to view)
27th June 2009
Daily Mail

Celebration: The Queen in 2002, her Golden Jubilee year

The Queen has snubbed Government attempts to link her Diamond Jubilee celebrations with the 2012 Olympics, sources close to Buckingham Palace have disclosed.

Although some had hoped to combine the events to create the ‘party of the century’, the Queen has privately requested that her 60 years on the throne are celebrated separately, avoiding ‘flashy displays of wealth’.

According to sources involved in the organisation of the Diamond Jubilee, the Queen is anxious that her anniversary is not marred by the 2012 Olympics, where costs to host the Games have soared to £9.3billion.

Instead of an expensive and flamboyant series of celebrations tied in with the Olympics, the Queen has said she wants a more understated celebration which she believes will be in keeping with the public’s mood.

Plans are now being drawn up for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations to take place in June, when the Queen will celebrate her 86th birthday.

A beautiful photograph of 27-year-old Queen Elizabeth II's coronation at Westminster Abbey, 2nd June 1953. It was watched on TV by an incredible 20 million people in Britain, at a time when TV was in its infancy.

‘There have been some early-stage meetings at the Palace about what the Diamond Jubilee celebrations will comprise and at the moment the plans are being kept separate from the Olympics,’ said the source.

‘The Queen believes Britain may well still be feeling the effects of the recession and therefore she wants something modest and reserved rather than any flashy displays of wealth. She does not want to saddle the taxpayers with huge costs.

‘She is also aware of the fact that the Olympics is draining Britain’s purse and there are a lot of people against having the Olympics in Britain because of that.

‘The Palace does not want the 60th celebrations tarred with that brush and for any celebrations to be marred because of the Olympics. Besides, the Olympics are just a one-off event. The Monarch and her reign is ongoing.’

London 2012: The 2008 Olympic games mark their passing from Beijing to London

The change will be a blow for the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and the Department of Culture, which had been planning a series of spectacular events to celebrate the two occasions.

It is understood that the format for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee will be similar to the Golden Jubilee in 2002.

Some of the team which contributed to the success of the Golden Jubilee have been brought in to help plan the celebrations, including former P&O chairman Lord Sterling, who is understood to have met the Queen’s private secretary to discuss what the approach should be to the Diamond Jubilee.

The source said: ‘Negotiations have just begun. Everything is being discussed, from who is going to be involved down to events and budgets.

‘Lord Sterling is not officially involved as yet but because of his experience co-ordinating the Silver and Golden Jubilees, he is regarded as a very valuable asset.

Her Majesty was delighted with his planning of the Golden Jubilee.

‘The idea for the Diamond Jubilee is that there will be a key event, possibly a big concert, with other events happening around that. All of the events will take place before the Olympics begin.’ Earlier this year, it was reported that the Government was keen to link the Diamond Jubilee with the Olympics.

Buckingham Palace, the Department of Culture and the Mayor of London’s Office, it was said, had agreed that the celebrations would start in May 2012, just as the Olympic torch made its way through Britain before the opening of the Games at the end of July. The procession was to be mirrored by torches lit at vantage points across the nation to celebrate 60 years of the Queen’s reign.

Although the events will now not be linked, the Queen will have a presence at the Olympics. Plans are in place for her to attend the opening ceremony.

Last night, Buckingham Palace insisted Jubilee plans had yet to be finalised and said: ‘No budget has been agreed and it is too early for any decisions to have been made on any part of the Jubilee.’


If only all the british politcians were more like her majesty,then britain would once again become GREAT britain.She has more smarts,dignity,and character than all the politicans combined.It's a shame they don't take their cue from her.
- rm jarmon, texas,usa

Don't worry your Majesty - this poor excuse for a Government will be long gone by then
- graham casey, perth, australia

God bless the Queen. She has been on the throne all these years and has not put a foot wrong. It is time her lousy government took a few lessons from her book.
- grannigrump, bolton,lancs, england

Excellent decision, Ma'am. Thank you. You catch the mood of the public perfectly, unlike our out-of-touch politicians.
- Peter Warlow, Brentwood, UK

Her Majesty deserves her own special day after 60 years working for us all. I would not like her Diamond Jubilee to be linked to the multi-billion farce the Olympics have become.
- Tony, Hamilton NZ

"Plans are in place for her to attend the opening ceremony." Plans should be in place that she not only attend but that she officially opens the Games, being our Head of State. It would just be typical in New Labour thinking that she be side-lined in favour of some dull Labour politician to open the games. I for one hope it is Her Majesty who is centre stage when the time comes, not some dreary, self-important politician droning on about 'celebrating diversity' or other PC claptrap.
- Richard, London

Quite right. The Olympics will be used as a political stunt. The Monarch is supposed to be held apart from politics and above such squalid behaviour.
- Robert, Worcester UK
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The poodles can keep their inbred royalty. WE on the other hand have the 2010 Olympics. Now who do you think is going to have more fun? She can remove here picture from our money any time.
The queen's so hot. Wish I had been around in the 50's.

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