HD Wrap Around Glasses

L Gilbert
Overheard an ad in a program my mother's watching about the "amazing hd wrap around glasses" and thought I'd see what there is on the net about them. I found just what I suspected:


Company information:
HD Vision Wrap Around Glasses Review | As Seen on TV Network Blog (external - login to view)


Idea village
12154 Montague Ave
Pacoima (external - login to view), California (external - login to view)
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besttvbuys.com (external - login to view)


I saw the ad on tv about the wrap around colored glasses. Thought that would be a good thing to have since they fit over your regular glasses. I ordered two pair, one for me and one for my daughter. They came and the glasses were pretty good although they slip a little over your glasses. Then I saw the invoice!! They had said I ordered three pair, and here is how they charged me, I thought I was buying 2 pair, with the night vision pair (free), each of the colored glasses for 19.99 plus 5.98 shipping (they are really charging you 12.00 for each pair with the night vision and they don't weigh more than a feather):
sub total: 59.97
S/H 38.94
Sales tax 0
total 98.91
I almost dropped over! I called their customer service and told them I wanted to return both glasses because I felt I had been ripped off. I had to talk to two people. The first argued that I had probably mistakenly ordered 3 pair and even tho I didn't get it they didn't get it back. The second person finally gave me credit for the third pair and will give me credit for the 2 when I return them. It still cost me the 38.94 for the shipping plus shipping to send them back. I DO NOT recommend ordering any item from this company. All products have their own website but if you order, the invoice will list idea village as the place to call for customer service. Beware of over priced shipping and handling charges and check invoice for added items you didn't order....

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- HD wrap around glasses Complaints - charges (external - login to view)

Sound & Vision Magazine - HDVision WrapAround 'High Definition' glasses (external - login to view)

Does anyone know if the HD WrapAround Sunglasses being advertised on TV have 100% UVA & UVB protection? (external - login to view)

On a similar note, I heard a CBC radio guest the other day say he'd been researching infomercials. In a nutshell, he said most are quite ingenius and effective at conning people into buying products, but most products don't live up to the hoopla in the ads.
Buyer beware? If it's such a good product, why does it take them an extra length ad to sell it? Wait till your neighbor buys it and then ask neighbor what they think.
I did that with that loudmouthed schnook, Billy May's miracle putty. Friend got 3 or 4 tubes of this goo and it doesn't work any better than any other product except he paid (after shipping and handling) something like $20 a tube for stuff that's only as good as that from stores that sell tubes of goo for $8 or $9.
There is a sucker born every day. Anything "As Seen On TV" is a scam in my opinion.
L Gilbert
Well, technically, a scam would be getting you to buy something you don't get. They do have products, but you pay more for them than storeboughts that work just as well.
Thanks Gil, as I have a piece of paper on my counter, and on it I wrote 'HD Sunglasses'. I saw the commercial one day a few weeks ago, and thought
they looked good, but I have never done anything about it, as I don't like
ordering through tv ads. The paper is allready in the garbage.
slap the monkey or is it slap the chopper looks interesting how Vince can throws the competitors chopper in the sink without looking but if you watch the relfection on the glass cabinate it is flying the wrong way.
Shipping and handling pays for the infomercials, plain and simple. If you see something you like the look of from an infomercial, head on down to the 'as seen on tv' store. No point in dropping shipping and handling if they're willing to. Plus you can often SEE it, TOUCH it, tell if it's crap (which it is 90% of the time. lol).
infomercials is impulse buying where you phone the order dest and order you really don't care how much it costs only that you have to have it now.

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