Fathers dad (mothers are always welcome)

Fathers day

I am a single father...My sons mother and I decided, instead of going through all the crap the legal system causes in these situations.It would be far more beneficial, for us to get along , and come up with our CHILDS own FAMILY agreement.

I still lost the house ,the car, the furniture, the dog, my job and everything else over situtations arising from the separation .Ended up in a "van down by the river" for a while.

But at least I still get to see my son..

She would have got sole custody of our son, regardless of which way we chose to take it..I knew this was the case.So did she.

Despite our differences ,She has a good heart, and knew it was important for our son to have HIS whole family involved in his life..

We wrote up our own agreement .Although it still means I have to be very flexible to her schedule(some times hard to do) , but at least I get to see my son, Half the time..Joint custody was the best solution for our child..

My advice to other separated families out there is..Try to get along..For your sons and his FAMILIES sake..It is not all about the parents and others in the extended family, as much as It is, about the child and thier Family ..The child needs stability....Two families must put their differences aside and come together as the Childs family..(where possible)

..I would say though ..There does have to be more equality given to the father in the case of divorse...

It is in the child(ren)s/ Families best interest...

I am sure ,My ex- and most mothers would agree with this ...

On a lighter note.

.Not to stir up the pot..but....Is there a reason why on mothers day. The Father tends to have the child(ren)...(give mom a break, so she says)

.On fathers day ..The father also has his child(ren) so he can spend the day with them..(again so she says)

No biggy, I'll take my son anyday and everyday if I could ..I just wonder if anyone else notices this to be the case?

What do you think the reason for this is ?...Becareful?...Don't set mom off...

Thanks for reading this spew and for your time


Happy fathers day ...
Your note about mothers day made me laugh...I think there was a 'For Better or Worse' cartoon strip where for mothers day, the father 'gives mom a break', by taking the kids out for lunch and out to do stuff....the mother wishes she could go, too!

For fathers day, what I'd like most is a day to be at home, do some crackfilling, mow the lawn, sit back in a chair with a book and a beer, throw something tasty on the barbecue...but somehow, I know I'll be doing something 'fun' according to someone else.
Happy Fathers' Day to you GreenFish66!

And may God bless you, along with all the other single dads!
Quote: Originally Posted by YukonJackView Post

Happy Fathers' Day to you GreenFish66!

And may God bless you, along with all the other single dads!

Ditto, Greenfish.

I hope my clan doesn't have a whole lot planned for me this Sunday, cause I'm goin fishin.

(might make it back in time for Chinese food)
When my boys were small, we served their Dad (my husband) breakfast in bed one father's day. Within minutes their Dad was at the kitchen table with the breakfast we served him saying he would much rather eat his breakfast with his family than alone in the bedroom...
'For Better or Worse' cartoon strip where for mothers day, the father 'gives mom a break', by taking the kids out for lunch and out to do stuff....the mother wishes she could go, too!"
I remember one mother's day when my boys were small,it was basically the same situation, but breakfast, then to the park so I could sleep in. I would have rather gone with them!!!
In my household, we don’t believe in celebrating father’s day, mother’s day, birthdays or any kind of days.

When our son was little, we used to celebrate his birthday, but that is about it. After he grew older, we would just ask him to pick out a gift for himself for his birthday (whatever he liked), but nothing more.

To me, it is pointless to celebrate such days. I know my son loves and respects me; I don’t need to be told that. He is 26 years old, in the medical school, but he still asks my advice abut many things. So I would be surprised if I get even an E Mail from him wishing me a happy father’s day. I didn’t even know it was this Sunday until I read this thread.

I don’t see any point in celebrating such days.
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I donít see any point in celebrating such days.

That doesn't surprise me in the least.
I was tryin to find that fathersday" for better or for worse" comic but it's protected pretty good..Better luck later.
Here's the only "for better or for worse I could find...I think it's a valentines day one but ..It called " a special kind of day"..so it will have to do...

YouTube - For Better or For Worse Cartoon - quotA Special Kind of Dadquot

"Here daddy, I made something for you in school for fathersday"..

"Oh thanks son" I say ,as I untied the string ribbin ,unrolled and opened the poster picture he made .....
It was a picture of his mom!....macaroni necklase..Long black string hair..the whole works...It was a good resemblence...No doubt it was her..
I said "oh , that's an interesting picture".didn't know exactly what to say after that...Besides "Well that's a great picture of your mom"....He must have knew the picture wasn't quite appropriate, because right after he said..

" Sorry dad ,my teacher didn't tell me it was for fathersday.."..He knew...(nice try)

I told him It was alright ,it was a good picture..Didn't know what else to say..Little uncomfortable, but I told him not to blame the teacher.Wasn't her fault ..He knew it might not have been the best choice for fathersday..Could be underlying reasons why he gave me her picture..But we'll keep it light..

Did make me wonder, why a teacher would allow a child ,to make a pic of his mom, for fathersday..?

Fully knowing our situation..
But this day isn't about all that crap..Not today..

...He's 7

It's about fathers today ...He made me a great card...He Sometimes wonders why mom and dad aren't together like other famililies..We remind him .We will always be his family..We all Care for him greatly..No matter the situation.

.We are not only his mom / dad /family ,but good friends...always..It is tough sometimes , such is life. But we gotta make the best of it...

Didn't come here to be a downer today.Just have a bad habit of writing everything down...Some would call it the "Curse of the creative writer/mind."..
So .enough of the sap.
Again ...on a lighter note..
Happy fathersday to mine and all the pop's out there.....Wish I could be as excited this morning as my son is for me..

He is a great kid..but he's drivin' me nuts this mornin'..lol
The boy and I are at my parents doing all the yard work for my dad.... To help....My Son went outside watered all the plants/trees/flowers,(me when I tired to stop him)everything !....Just before, I was about to cut the grass...Everythings soaked..!.
But you know, I wouldn't have it any other way...
Happy fathersday..

foot note ..Just noticed the thread says "fathers dad (mothers always welcome)...It should say "fathers day (mothers always welcome).".Guess it still works..
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