Anyone who thinks that the archetypal British student is a stinky, skint, obnoxious, spotty punk rocker who lives in a scruffy bedsit with no furniture and eat and drinks nothing but Pot Noodles and Special Brew are right - except if the student goes to Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, St Andrews or some other top establishment.

The ladies and gentlemen in these pictures - students at Oxford University - have decided to pose for lovely photos for a calendar.

There are photos of them in a boat on the River Cherwell; pictures of them reading in the library; pictures of them playing in the orchestra; and a picture of them taking a leisurely stroll around the beautiful, ancient city.

The only odd thing about the photos is that the students are all nude.

Around 60 students took part in the 2010 calendar in aid of Oxford-based charity TravelAid.

The photos are in black and white with a touch of red.

Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, teaching having existed there since at least 1096, but its actual founding date is unknown.

It has almost 20,000 students, and is rated the fourth best university in the world, behind Harvard, Yale and its rival Cambridge in a list dominated by American and British unis.

Boffins in the buff: Oxford uni students strip off for naked charity calendar

By Tamara Cohen (external - login to view)
09th June 2009
Daily Mail

They are pictured doing what Oxbridge students do: poring over their books, champagne-guzzling and punting on the river.

But there is one small difference.

These brainy undergraduates at Oxford University seem have to mislaid their gowns...and all the rest of their clothing.

Taking a punt: This cheeky crew were pictured in a risque, early morning jaunt on the River Cherwell

From the top-shelf? A group of female bookworms use some literary classics to protect their modesty in the library

Orchestral manoeuvres that should be in the dark: Members of the orchestra make sweet music together

A group of daredevil scholars agreed to pose for a saucy naked calendar to raise money for poverty-stricken third world countries.

And their antics have caused something of a stir with their straight-laced tutors, since all the scenes were shot in Oxford's most famous historic locations.

One provocative image, for July, shows three female students punting nude along the river Cherwell, in plain view of the University halls.

Turning over to August, and a group of geeky students pose within college grounds, with nothing more than mortar boards and organ pipes to cover their modesty.

Another of the black-and-white snaps shows three young ladies in their birthday suits studying several serious-looking tomes in an oak-panelled library.

Chilly November is marked by a group of rugby players baring (almost) all on the famous Iffley sportsfield next to where Roger Bannister ran the world's first four-minute mile.

Black, white and red: The calendar offers a saucier glimpse of the hallowed Oxford halls

Bare-naked ladies: An impromptu champagne party breaks out in the courtyard

One surprised college warden said the 2010 calendar had embarrassed traditionalists at the alma mater of Einstein, Stephen Hawking and 25 British Prime Ministers.

'It's not something that would have happened in my day', he said. 'I certainly blushed when I saw it but the students are having a good time and all the proceeds go to charity so it's worth it.'

Around 60 students took part in the calendar in aid of Oxford-based charity TravelAid.

In the student dorms at Christ Church college, where Einstein once studied, pretty female students enjoy a cosy chat in the nude.

Four naked musicians play a civilised string quartet, while one of the racier pictures shows a naked couple embracing in the famous oak corridors of Trinity College.

Daring stroll: Girls armed only with wraps take a walk round the historic city

Half-a-dozen students are pictured popping champagne bottles in Radcliffe square to celebrate their graduation in the June picture.

Rosie Batty, a 20-year-old Physics student from East Sussex who features on the front cover and two inside pages described stripping off in the university grounds as a 'real buzz'.

Rosie, who appears in February's shoot cuddling up to a naked male student and in the naked punting pose said: 'I'm all over the calendar with my clothes off and it was a real buzz shooting the pictures with my girly pals.

'Punting naked on the river was the naughtiest. It was 5.30 in the morning and I'm sure some of the windows from nearby halls were steaming up from people looking at us.

'Given the opportunity I'd gladly get my kit off again in the university to raise money for a worthy cause - it's liberating.'

Room with quite a view: Two students relax, or try to, in their room

Hot under the scholar: The temperature rises in the student bar

Another 22-year-old student who appeared in the group graduation picture said the thrill of stripping off amongst the dreaming spires was addictive.

She said: 'Getting your clothes off with the girls in such prestigious surroundings was an amazing feeling.

'We all got such a taste for stripping after we shot the calendar that we couldn't stop taking our clothes off around campus.

"I think we were all shocked at how much we enjoyed it. There's plenty more pictures where they came from.'

Charity TravelAid was given consent from university chiefs to shoot the calendar in the grounds.

They released the calendar last week to raise money for students to volunteer abroad and help poor countries.

TravelAid's Catherine Little, 22, said: 'The idea just came to me one day and I thought - why not? The calendar has turned out brilliantly and we hope that it will bring a smile to people's faces and raise money for a good cause.The staff have all been really supportive and they've certainly enjoyed looking at the calendar.'

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