Tories plan to scuttle faint hope clause.

Jesus H Christ !!

Is this the best they can do ??

I don't agree with the "faint hope" clause in murder cases either, BUT, it's not a burning issue. Sounds like Mike Harris.........Create a crisis.......

Tories to repeal 'faint hope' parole clause

I don't see it as much of an issue either. "Faint' is like "when hell freezes over". I have no problem with a hearing that takes a second look, but for some it is a big deal.
Seven to ten applications a year, one or two are denied. I wonder what the statistics say about those 6 to 8, if they re-offend or not? That might be a worthwhile statistic to know. If they don't, it's just more punishment at tax payers expense, and for what?
There's a case to be made for predictable and commensurate sentences, and integrity in serving what is imposed. Mitigating circumstances can be used to affect the charge or the conviction, reducing it to 2nd Degree Murder, Manslaughter. But once imposed a sentence should be a seen through. Canada's treatment of convicted First Degree Murderers in relatively lenient even with the rescinding of 'Faint Hope'.

Consecutive sentences are not imposed, good behaviour will almost always lead to parole after 25 years, and it usually takes a further conviction as a 'Dangerous Offender' which deems the offender to be incorrigable, to extend the sentence to natural life (as in the case of Clifford Olson or Paul Bernardo, both serial muderers). In the U.S. the Death Sentence, Life Without Parole, Consecutive Sentences and No Parole Eligibility for 40 years is the norm.
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