De Regulation of the Cosmetology Association in British Columbia

There is a growing could we say almost Fungal Problem without Regulations in British Columbia. Vancouver News has covered this issue. Yes...I have looked. It is again a topic of concern. Improper practice thats right you do not need a licence to cause bodily harm in a Spa or Salon in British Columbia. We do not need to take Precautions? Who is checking on these practices? Thats right, there are no regulations to open up shop here.
Use of Sterilants if any used. Dirty equipment in Salons. Hep C an Issue. Blood
bourne pathogens. Why is this not an issue with so many Super Bugs Today.
Ask when you get your next haircut. I was suprised at some comments I have been given. It is not good for the environment to use sterilizer. We just use a dish soap and water. The owner here does not want the expense. Thank that person for spreading head lice. And that insignificant or so you thought
hang nail that became an oozing infection from a Pedicure. Hey why do we need
regulations. The CIABC Cosmetology Association in Vancouver B.C. Is trying to keep this a Safe Industry wants to make sure it is a Safe Environment in B.C. Why are they not being listened to ?????
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The CIABC Cosmetology Association in Vancouver B.C. Is trying to keep this a Safe Industry wants to make sure it is a Safe Environment in B.C. Why are they not being listened to ?????

I think it's great to regulate.

I think cosmetics establishments, hairdressers, etc., should be inspected just like restaurants.

I also think that the reason associations like CIABC don't always get listened to is because historically they can make a killing by charging membership fees, and might do little to actually improve health and safety, other than hand out some pamphlets and give businesses a 'certification' stamp.
Resteraunts are not being checked anymore in B.C. on a regular basis. There is a phone call system in place. A consumer makes a complaint. A phone call is made that a complaint was made and the resteraunt has warning that they are going to be visited. Thats great quick lets clean up and hide it before any one gets here. Then its back to the consumer beware. There are no regular visits
making it a Concern for the general public to be wary of what goes on in kitchen stays in the kitchen. No suprise! we are here to check what that whitening powder is doing in the bucket of water and lettuce in your cooler...what is that powder again?
TreeGirl, when I read the title of the thread, I was intrigued. Then I discovered that it was about cosmetology (and not Cosmology, as I originally thought).
L Gilbert
That figures. lmfao He "discovered that it was about cosmetology and not cosmology, as I originally thought "? That's your typical, supercilious ponce language for "I messed up".
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Sir Joseph have you ever had a Pedicure?
L Gilbert
Anyway, the deregulation will result in nefarious business owners taking shortcuts at the expense of good, honest ones.
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Sir Joseph have you ever had a Pedicure?

No, I havenít. Donít see much in it. For that matter I donít think my wife has ever had one either. Her idea of visiting a beauty salon is getting a hair cut from time to time (she doesnít have a whole lot of time in her busy schedule anyway).
Well then the Theraputic Massage, and if it is a lady with knowledge she may identify any concerns she may see on your skin. They can not diagnose but can refer. It is a service to those who can't find their toes. Indulge if you can at least once, with your wife. Busy is busy...then there is time to slow down and breathe.
Never a mess that a little Nail polish can't hide! Lol
L. Gilbert who looks after your feet?
L Gilbert
My wife does actually. She is the fussiest person about feet I know, cept maybe for our oldest daughter.
She says, "They catch me when I jump, they move me around over various terrains at various speeds, they balance me when I am still, etc. I am gonna spoil em for the rest of their lives." lol

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