AUTO WORKERS - What am I missing?

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Good enough of a list?

That list doesn't say anything about independent car companies in different countries.
Yes it does. When it says "global" that means HQ and origin country, subsidiary means no HQ and not origin country.

It's not that hard to figure out is it?
Well, you say that Canada is the only industrialized nation without our own car company.

List the car companies for Sweden, then.
Ah yes. Volvo and SAAB were bought out. Give it two weeks and the Swedes will buy SAAB back from GM.
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"They are still useful, but I would say they lost perspective and direction, among other things. A large company with many employees almost needs a union to ensure all employees are treated fairly and equally."- I was Union member in a big organization for close to 30 years and employees being treated fairly and equally is what DIDN'T happen, the parasites, drones and sh*t disturbers got extra protection.

Unfortunately that is what happens, especially when the union, and company, achieve what Dr. Laurence J. Peter refers to as a high Maturity Quotient; the number of employees at their level of incompetence X 100 / Total number of employees in the hierarchy. As the maturity quotient gets higher the amount of useful work decreases. This is inevitable and predictable, as a company gets older it becomes inefficient and begins to founder, the unions end up with incompetent representatives spending massive resources advocating for the incompetent workers, leaving little left for the others more deserving of help.

I have also witnessed younger unions doing exemplary work successfully advocating for both competent and incompetent workers equally, which by law they must, while still keeping the company's health in mind.
If unions were to go would we still need a minimum wage law?
captain morgan
In terms of this specific discussion, the issue of unions and min wage laws are not related...

.... Unless of course, you wish to suggest that the minimum wages (nationally) be no less than the combined direct wages and benefits amount previously enjoyed by the auto-workers union ($60 - $70 I believe).
At 15hrs a week. No thnaks!

Of course minimum wage is relevent as is any labour law or union charter.
captain morgan
I'm somewhat confused about what you're asking. Every province already has a set min wage and the feds have specific guidelines for gvt employees.

That said, why wonder if one is needed?
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If unions were to go would we still need a minimum wage law?

I think there is a valid use for Unions, keeping an eye on safety issues but on the other hand that doesn't require an entire bureaucracy, it could probably be accomplished by just hiring the spryest guy from the Union and deploying the rest of them.

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