Adulterer gets stoning punishment in Iran


Adulterer gets stoning punishment in Iran
China National News
Tuesday 5th May, 2009

A man has been stoned to death in Iran after being found guilty of adultery.

Iranian authorities have just released the news of the execution, which was carried out in the city of Rasht last month.

The woman involved in the case was reportedly spared after she repented.

Adultery is still punishable by stoning in Iran.

Five Iranians have reportedly been stoned to death in the past four years, despite a 2002 order against them by the chief judge.

Silly old Chief Judge .
Scott Free
Does this mean the fellow just had to repent to avoid being killed?

I know Iran incarcerates children like American but I didn't realized both countries also executed the mentally deficient. Still, it's nice to see Iran doesn't kill so many.
I bet this sends a shiver down the spine of any woman who's had her marriage work after an episode of infidelity. Can you imagine having the choice to forgive and carry on taken away from you because the courts decided they needed to kill him? Yeesh.
That should teach him to keep it in his pants............LOL

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