A young woman made a Skoda become invisible in her university's car park.

But she wasn't using a cloaking device like something from Harry Potter.

Art student Sara Watson, of the University of Central Lancashire, spray painted the car to give the optical illusion that it had become invisible.

Artists turns her old Skoda Fabia into an 'invisible car'

By Daily Mail Reporter (external - login to view)
02nd May 2009
Daily Mail

It's a familiar feeling - you park your car, head to the shops and on your return you forget where you left it.

But art student Sara Watson could be forgiven for such a lapse - because she has created an invisible car.

The University of Central Lancashire artist made the incredible optical illusion by spray painting a battered Skoda Fabia to match the car park and entrance to her art studio.

Enlarge Where did I leave it? Sara Watson created an invisible car as part of her art course at the University of Central Lancashire

A composite image showing Sara with her transformed Skoda Fabia

The car - which was created as part of Sara's drawing and image making course - is reminiscent of the work of pavement artist Julian Beever whose work has caused a storm in central London.

To create his images, he uses a camera lens to look at the stretch of pavement he is working on and visualise the picture.

He then plots a drawing which will play tricks on the way in which our minds 'read' perspective to create an impression of depth on the flat surface of the paving stones.

Among his other works he has created a deep swimming pool realistic enough that shoppers swerve to avoid it, chalked on the street.

His lifelike 3D works of Coca-Cola bottles, sunbathing women and globes appear to spring out of the ground, ready to trip you up.