Swine Flu Alert Clears Old Stock of Tamiflu

Swine Flu Alert Clears Old Stock of Tamiflu
'It is almost three years since we faced the hysteria of an avian flu epidemic, when governments bought billions of dollars of Tamiflu – the same anti-viral now being promoted to combat a supposed swine flu pandemic. The shelf life of Tamiflu also happens to be three years.
The World Health Organization has, at the time of writing, increased its threat level to five, which means governments can activate their pandemic plans – and start handing out Tamiflu drugs. This is extremely convenient for governments that would have very soon have to dispose of billions of dollars of Tamiflu stock, which they bought to counter avian flu, or H5N1. The US government ordered 20 million doses, costing $2bn, in October, 2005, and around that time the UK government ordered 14.6 million doses.
Tamiflu’s manufacturer, Roche, has confirmed that the shelf life of its anti-viral is three years. England’s chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson has said that the UK is “well prepared” to counter swine flu – but only because it was well prepared to counter an avian flu pandemic that never happened.'
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Must be nice, throw a few darts at a board with various flus on it and even if it is the wrong ones the Gov still coughs up whatever cash the company says it is worth.

14.6 would only cover the 'elite' in Britain and the ones who don't get any are the ones who paid for all the vaccines. lol, the sheeple might actually get what they deserve for being so blind.
China develops instant diagnostic method for swine flu
China National News
Friday 1st May, 2009

New Delhi, May 1 : In a bid to curb swine flu outbreak, China has developed a diagnostic tool for quick detection.

According to Minister of Health Chen Zhu, the nation has developed an effective method, which features a testing chemical reagent, for instant diagnosis of H1N1 influenza, reports China Daily.

It will be used at the centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) offices at all levels.

The WHO has also raised the official alert level to phase 5, one notch below a full-fledged global pandemic.

In response to the heightened alert, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has asked people to stay home for a five-day partial shutdown of the country, where 176 people have been killed by the epidemic.

Chen also revealed that China has asked the WHO, and some disease-hit countries including the United States, for the virus strain of the variant H1N1, which is crucial in the ongoing research for a vaccine.

Li Dexin, a senior official at China's CDC, said that the WHO might provide the virus strain by mid-May.

"Once we get the H1N1 virus strain, it's possible to produce the vaccine in three months," Li said.

Yang Weizhong, deputy director of China's CDC, said that although the time to avoid global outbreak has passed the best the government can do is to delay the spread of the virus.

This would provide more time for the research and production of vaccines.
Way to go China....
Tamiflu Linked to Abnormal Behaviour

'Influenza patients between 10 and 17 who took Tamiflu were 54 per cent more likely to exhibit serious abnormal behaviour than those who did not take the antiflu drug, a final report from a Japanese Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry research team, said.
The team, led by Yoshio Hirota, a professor at Osaka City University, studied the cases of about 10,000 children under 18 who had been diagnosed with influenza since 2006.It will soon submit the report to a safety research committee of the ministry's Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council.
The link with Tamiflu can't be ruled out," the report said. "New research should be carried out, focusing on serious abnormal behaviour".'
Tamiflu linked to abnormal behaviour | smh.com.au (external - login to view)

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