Economic Crises Affects World’s Oldest profession

As may be expected, world’s oldest profession (prostitution) is not immune to the economic downturn. We don’t know what is happening in USA and Canada, of course, since prostitution tends to be very secretive.

However, it is quite open in Germany, there are about 400,000 prostitutes. They are allowed to advertise and enter into formal labour contracts, get health insurance etc.

Things are tough in Germany for prostitution. Annual revenues are about 14 billion dollars, so no doubt the government (which taxes prostitution) is also suffering.

Anyway, some brothels have cut prices or added free promotions while others have introduced all-inclusive flat-rate fees. Free shuttle buses, discounts for seniors and taxi drivers, as well as "day passes" are among marketing strategies designed to keep business going.

Thus Berlin's "***** Club" has attracted media attention with its headline-grabbing "flat rate" -- a 70-euro admission charge for unlimited food, drink and sex between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Other novel ideas used by brothels and prostitutes include loyalty cards, group sex parties and rebates for golf players. Hamburg's "GeizHaus" is especially proud of its discount 38.50 euro price. The city has Germany's most famous red-light district, the Reeperbahn, in the notorious St. Pauli district.

Some other places give senior citizens and taxi drivers a 50-percent discount on the 80-euro admission fee on Sundays and Mondays.

Anyway, nobody has asked the government for bailout money. Perhaps GM and Chrysler should take a lesson from the German brothels in innovation and in how to cope with hard times.

Global economic crisis hits German sex industry | U.S. | Reuters (external - login to view)
.......What the heck are we doing here ??

50% off for seniors !!!!

I'm goin.

Nuggler, I remember when I lived in England; Southampton Borough Council considered legalizing prostitution (they eventually decided not to do it). Newspapers had a field day about it (Britain is still a lot more puritanical than the rest of Europe). They called it ‘sex on rates’.

Daily Mail published a cartoon. They showed a pensioner sitting in a pub, with a pint of beer beside him. With an eager smirk of anticipation on his face, he is filling out a form. The caption read ‘Old Fred is already applying for a pensioner’s free pass.’

I never thought that would become a reality. But I am 59 years old, and if the economic downturn continues for another year, well next year I may suggest to my wife a trip to Germany.
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