radio attack ads against Old Dutch chips

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Colpy, wow I had no idea. For you unions are essential. That's terrible!

You know - my whole paradigm of Colpy (and Cannuck) is shattered at the moment.

I'm at a loss now - and will likely be confused for the rest of the day.
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Look up the page to post number 11......and you will see how we are "protected" by labour standards in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick is backward anyway. How about talking about the rest of the country...
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Without question, the circumstance you forward represents the exception and not the rule... Why don't we look at this from the other side... Unions foster an environment that protects the 'weak', and does not reward the 'strong'. The reality is that those individuals that produce above and beyond the norm often leave to access opportunities outside unionized environments in order to capture greater compensation. Conversely, those that under-produce are attracted to unionized environments in order to preserve their positions.

Not a pleasant prognosis, but it is realistic.

Exactly. Unfortunately some just don't understand it...
captain morgan
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I've been involved in three unions in my life and that was not the case in any of them. In fact, those individuals that produce above and beyond the norm often leave any job they are in. That is the nature of self improvement.

Some years back, I worked a summer position in the mining sector that was run by a union (Shipbuilders Union oddly enough) and found that there was no contention between company and union... Never saw and never heard of any problems, albeit I was only a temporary/pseudo member with no benefits... The situation at this company was that they did treat the employee base well and the employees, in return, worked hard and had latitude with the company (within reason).... This begs the question, why was the union needed there at all?

I'd wager that the majority of the small local unions are this way.. The big problem lies with the big unions that want to be the tail that wags the dog. We've seen it in the auto industry in Ontario, nurses and teachers unions in most provinces. These unions are large and strong enough that they can effectively shut down an entire industry/service at their discretion... The employer often has no recourse other than to wait for settlement.

If they are such a beneficial body, why can't they exist without legislation that protects them?

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