Crown Land is Public Land here

At this web site, on the second line the state Crown land means public land in BC. They use the two words as if they are interchangeable, which they are not. The public mean people, the Crown is merely a concept with no physical existence much like a corporation.

Another reason for eradicating the word Crown from Canadian gov'ts.

The Land Act (British Columbia)
The Land Act is the main legislation governing the disposition of provincial Crown (i.e. public) land in British Columbia. Crown land is any land owned by the Province, including land that is covered by water, such as the foreshore and the beds of lakes, rivers and streams.
The Land Act is administered by the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management (external - login to view). In 1998 the Crown corporation Land and Water BC Inc. (external - login to view) was created to administer the sale and leasing of Crown land, pursuant to a delegation agreement with the ministry. Under this agreement, the ministry retains authority over the policies and procedures that guide Crown land management.
The Land Act is mostly concerned with the granting of rights to the occupation of the surface of Crown land. When it comes to the extraction of natural resources, the Province normally retains ownership of the land, but grants resource extraction rights through other legislation. For example, logging rights are granted through tenure agreements under the Forest Act (external - login to view). Likewise, mineral rights are granted under the Mineral Tenure Act (external - login to view).
I see no reason to get so wound up over an affectation of speech. Crown land has meant 'public land' in pretty much any country of the Commonwealth. It's not a mere concept. And personally, I prefer the term to the hand wringing over semantics.
Semantics? The meaning of words is important. Public/Crown/government don't mean the same thing. We want good government not good Crown, the latter sounding a little silly. We use these words differently all the time, they're not interchangeable.

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