A mindful heart to heart , about life and death

A Mindful Heart to Heart about Life and Death

Part 1 of 2

When given the regretable choice of 1( babies) life over anothers ..Sometimes it is best to detach yourself from the worst ,of the necessary emotions,,sadness,, to get to the most reasonable solution..

..Doctors are(should be) obligated to give all information to the patient or gaurdians involved. This way it ensures,ALL involved ,can come to an educated result given the situation ..If there is too much of a grey area ,no certain answer ..Let the natural process proceed using the appropriate guidelines already in place..

When It comes down to the probablity of ones survival over the others.. education, truthful facts ,research,helpful Percentages and careful calculations,will give the most valuable information, on how to move forward...

What is the chance/percentage of one baby surviving with a transplanted heart, over anothers chance of survival with a brain injury?

My personal opinion..

Let nature take its course in this case.If a solution is apparent. It will be obvious..Let's give no false hopes...Chances are slim either will survive long without great difficulty, regardless of the choice of action, in this instance....It is unfortunate ..It is sad..But it is the truth..

This is my opinion.Everyone is entitled to ther own opinion.That is how we get the real ,the true, answers! ..

My heart goes out to all who have to go through such situations, and make these hard mindful decisions...

Remember the best of what was, Enjoy what you have.Or you'll never know till it's gone.
In the end ,just gotta keep movin on..


A Mindful Heart to Heart on Life and Death

Part 2 ..

Doctors and nurses (should)have the obligation to tell the patients the truth, and give all the facts .Doctors ,nurses and all medical professionals must give patients ALL available options AS WELL AS their personal opinion..So that the patients and/or gaurdians involved, can make the best ,most informed/educated decision possible..

Eg..If a Doctor is against abortions, yet the patient decides she still wants to have an abortion, after getting all the options ,risks and advice.That doctor,should be obligated to refer the patient to someone who will give the service, if the doctor will not.....

Ultimatley it is up to the doctor/nurses and an educated patient/gaurdian, to do what is best in any given circumstance .....

I am a pro-lifer( like everyone else) who believes in options/choices.More so for those in exceptional situations/circumstances, especially,where a difficult decision must be made in a relatively short time period...After all.. In the end..it is the people who have to make that hard final choice/decison, that have to live with the results,the outcome...

1 case at a time, based on the history of average outcomes + The greatest ammount of possiblities available = solution


As long as we don't Kill Babies ,sell babies, or eat babies .

We can still consider ourselves Humans rather than simple animals..



Offer cash for babies and you'll reduce abortions immensely.
How much you going 4 Petro's ..Maybe if you shave the mustach you can attract some buyers...Refering to avatar...That's a terrible comment Petro ..But I suppose your entitled to it..
Family may be able to take baby Kaylee home, father says
this story broke my heart. I can't imagine the anguish this family had to endure or how hard a decision this must have be.
I hear ya Twila..Sometimes It takes stories like these to remind us what makes us human...This is truly a tear jerker.... All Our hearts and Best hopes go out to this child and Her family now and into their uncertain future .

Happy Easter ...Peace

If Stephen Hawking's Computer keeps track of all Stephens favorite letters, words and sentences .Is it not possible 4 Stephen Hawkings to "virtually live forever?"...He hasn't been in his body for quite some time..(Sorry Steve , you know it's true)..Of course the real Hawkings is always better,but his mind will live on forever..

Good to hear your doing better Mr.Hawking...Get well soon...

The light within...Ode to Stephen Hawking..

...You are a seed of New light, glowing,cracking, breaking free from the grip of mortality..Out from The middle of the Blackest , blackhole..A beam,a beakin .. You sparked to life. Intelligence ,Knowledge , wisdom has grown exponentially..From the infintesimal to the infinite..Forever...


How can we.., Nor will any,Ever, forget the contributions, you,Stephen Hawking have made to science.. You helped us all, better understand.. The Person, The Earth, and The Univese(or P.E.U )(Hey, I ain't Einstein or Stephen Hawkings ok ..So Gimme a break..lol)..!

Everyone and everything has grown greater because of your work...

Long live Stephen Hawkings

1 fan of many.

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Clones, cyborgs and sentient beings alike.....

?...Does one have the right to clone him/her self...?

Is it Really possible/How probable?......

So lets say there was a crazy mad scientist out there,confident enough in his abilities,to successfully clone a human, who is able to live an average lifespan, without side effects.(Has there been a cloned animal live an average lifespan yet ?(maybe try that first))...

1.)..When does the cloned child have 100% rights to itself?
2.)..If there is a life threatning complication..Who donates 1st?...
3.)..How could 1 be so vain, as to want someone else, exactly like oneself?(...HMMM...watch it ..trick question..)
4.).. see 1 repeat..

My soul bleeds for all those who don't make it to their full potential and for All the genetic clones ,who inevitably, will not make it to their full life span

...but wait...Haven't they already lived 1once?...

Who should get to live forever?.....

I Could never clone myself.....If it ment seeing/knowing so many pieces of myself /my soul..had 2 die, so one(I?) could live forever...

Why would anyone want 2?

Besides,the bodies weak compared to a suit of armour with your brain uploaded into it..Easier ..Less gore...No?

Makes 4 Great science fiction/fantasy too....

But reality (4now) doesn't permit it..

So enjoy life..make the most of it..

Believe in something greater than 1self..Your child/The children/God/ITt.

...Let evolution decide.Let God..Mother nature...ITt, decide..
let 110% scientific results give the facts to decide..

But please don't let some crazy mad scientist guy decide.!...
The world will be over run by little crazy mad scientist/Leaders..
They will take over the world!!

Is there some1(people) 100%(at least 80%) certain he/she/ITt /they, can clone something(an animal?), 100% successfully..Meaning the clone is able to live a longer, healthier,happier existence than the 1 before.?....

I actually wrote a "B" rater sci/fi novel .FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT="..
Covers all these issues and more..
Still In the final stages..

Should be ready for reading/watching by the time the story becomes true...lol

I really did write a book.!..It's called An^3
(based on a Music project ..."An^3" ,I wrote lyrics for..good luck figuring out what the sci/fi book is all about , based on the music and lyrics...You'd have to be, the creator ,ME(or MacRoostar(music writer).lol, to know 4 sure..4 now...

Check it out, if you like...Greenfish66 on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads..

If you don't wanna..."F"off then,.. who needs ya!(thanks for reading my spew)

It is what it is .



Put your faith in the children of the future..That's the best place to start..

Long live the future..Long live sci-fi


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