Kidnapped British women by Pakistanis, Forced to Marry

The CBC has a documentary called Forced to Marry. British girls, with Pakistani parents go to Pakistan, often tricked as a holiday, then sent against their will to a remote village and forced to marry a man they have never met. They are, in effect, kidnapped. So diplomats from the British High Commission in Pakistan go after them to try to free them; often they fail.

Some of these girls are kidnapped to the Punjab region in Pakistan. A region many immigrants have come to Canada from. So this could be happening to Canadian citizens of Pakistani descent.

These kidnappings, by people from backward, rural, traditional, tribal areas where there is no rule of law, grossly violate human rights. These so called "traditions" should not trump the rule of law. The media needs to follow this up more.
well at least there working towards multiculturalism in pakistan and not just the west, jk

This is wrong but honestly how much can one do, if the british government is having difficulty retreiving the women?
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Forced to Marry - Passionate Eye Monday | CBC Newsworld

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We can't do anything about kidnapping? Hmm. A very callous and casual attitude here against a serious crime. Don't tell me, it's all "god's will." Primitive fatalism. Why aren't feminist writers in the media all over this?

While watching the CBC news and the tasering of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport, they said the RCMP officers could be extradited to Poland and charged with murder there. Canadian officials have been quite slow in sending information to Poland regarding the case. Poles say this sounds like a communist-style gov't coverup.

So, if Pakistanis kidnap Canadians, why can't they be extradited to Canada? And they say Pakistan has a democracy.
Imagine, a girl lives in a modern country all her life, a big city, and is then kidnapped to a remote village to marry an ignorant stranger, sometimes a male cousin who can barely speak English.
Dude the muslim slave trade have been traficking white people since way back in the day, janisarries, malmuks...

Also too right now, black people are still being enslaved in africa by muslims, everyone seems to be taking one for the team...

I know its horrible, but if i try and do something here in canada about it ill be labelled a racist... So at the end of the day its only my skin i care about
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Yes yes, one must always worry about one's self. However, it's not being racist urging justice be done-regardless of skin colour. Rights of man, rights of the citizen must prevail here. Especially when they could be Canadians.

You see, in Pakistan, right now, the leaders talk about this thing called "democracy." Which is what they say they are fighting for at present.
Kidnapping is a crime. But it's up to the Pakistani government to solve it.

Cuban youth Elian Gonzalez was kidnapped and it took the Feds to solve it. Same thing should happen there.
But the British gov't has diplomats working in Pakistan rescuing girls. This are international incidents.

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