Tibetan monks march on police station

Tibetan monks march on police station
China National News
Sunday 22nd March, 2009

Chinese police detained almost 100 ethnic Tibetan monks on the weekend while they were attacking a police station in north-western China.

China’s official newspaper, Xinhua, has said the monks were among hundreds of rioters who assaulted police and government workers when they marched on the police headquarters.

The incident occurred in the town of Ragya in Qinghai province.

According to reports, all but two of those arrested were monks from a local monastery, who were leading the march to protest the death of a fellow monk.

The monk had been in the prison custody of Chinese guards.

He escaped from the prison on Saturday, jumping into the Yellow River before disappearing.

Chinese authorities had arrested him on suspicion of promoting Tibetan independence.
Tibetan monks march on police station

These are political monks, who received orders from uncle sam. By primitur, 03-23-09, 12:05 AM Anonymous and his Uncle Sam comment

What an idiot comment - Uncle Sam has been too gutless to help the Tibetans get their freedom. - Uncle Sam prefers to kiss *** and trade with the brutal murderers who have invaded Tibet... Guess you must be from the Chinese Embassy in Canberra... By Wang Lu, 03-23-09, 06:29 AM Tibet monks destroy communism

The Tibet monks have the right to topple down Chinese communism especially the government of Hu Jintao for independence to succeed. The red army is no match for the Tibet monks. By Anonymous, 03-23-09, 06:23 AM Uncle Sam have lots of money for lama for sure. Look at tibetan so call refugee everywhere, they don’t look like refugee to me, all are well fed and travel by air. I am from Malaysia by the way. Uncle sam is a double headed snake. It kiss *** and stab at the back all the time. Guess you must be one of those brainwash kids. By Dirgha Raj Prasai, 03-23-09, 09:02 AM Good news

Dear editor, I read the good news to-day in China national news online about Tibetan monks whose attempt is to destroy the strong united China. I extend thanks to the Chinese police who detained Tibetan monks, the agents of America who were attacking a police station in north-western China. I hope, Nepalese people can able to drive the Indian & American agents from Nepal Thank you. Dirgha Raj Prasai By Anonymous, 03-23-09, 09:46 AM Story cooked up days ago. All propaganda. No way of checking. A few more for the camps. Party office nice guys. Hear the northern indigenous peoples are being wiped out too. By Anonymous, 03-23-09, 06:42 PM Two typpe of propaganda

There are two kind of propaganda. One to convince their people that all is well, you can trust your neighbor, situation is under control and you can carry out your economic activity to improve your and your neighbor’s lots, and it convinces you that you and your neighbor are equal and have no reason to kill each other. The other propaganda tell you that you are different from your neighbor, and you will be supported no matter what to cause instability in your neighborhood. It will air rumours, heresay of killing and conflict to agitate for real and more killing. This is what the western press telling the world everyday. Are your suprised, you will not if you read history. Just try to find the original people in the so call new world you will know how they exterminate the aboriginal Indian in America, Australia, Canada, and how they push drugs to the Asian to destroy their society in the last century. These are evil people that will take another hundred of years before becoming civilized. By galljdaj, 03-23-09, 09:04 PM Tibet has no say in what happens to their land or their country. The occupation of Tibet by China is really about genocide of native tibetans. Funny how all the belly achers who support the criminal Hamas and Hezbollah groups won’t support the free peaceful Tibet movement. By johneo, 03-23-09, 07:46 PM same

It is buisness as usual,Nothing changes,The problem is that most people dont understand what is and has always been, When ever a perimid is built there has to be a wide bottom,As it rises it gets narrow, The people are always the the base of a perimid,And the powers that be are always at the top, What does this tell you ?

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