Secret Aussie blacklist leaked

Secret Aussie blacklist leaked (external - login to view)

By: malterwitty (external - login to view)
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The inevitable has happened - the secret Australian blacklist of banned websites has been published on the internet.
The list contains some 2,395 sites about half of which do not contain child sexual abuse images. It includes online poker sites, fetish, satanic and Christian sites, Wikipedia pages, gay and straight pornography, a travel operator and even the website for a Queensland dentist.
Secret Aussie blacklist leaked • The Register (external - login to view)
He must be a dentist that enjoys doling out the novocaine a little too much.
L Gilbert
Well if it's been published on the net then it isn't a secret, is it?
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Well if it's been published on the net then it isn't a secret, is it?

not anymore........1st they took our rifles, then they started taking the internet.........
L Gilbert
Be generous, give em your problems, too.

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