Should They Be Able to Sue The RCMP

I saw this story and I, myself, say no they should not be able to. The death goes with that job although the situation may have been quite tramatic for him. I would assume that with a medical discharge which he received he is getting a good pension from the RCMP, and if the condition is so bad that he can not hold down a less stressful job then he should be allowed additional disability from the government as others are allowed with similar conditions.

I am not really sure how the RCMP work but I am pretty sure that they have the macho attitude that you go till you can't go any longer. I work in a mainly male enviorment and that is there also. It is up to the individual to "Whoose out" and think about themselves, and bow of the situation if they can. In this case it would have been to go get some therapy rather then deal with the families of the fallen officers. It may be cold but he likely could still be working if he had asked for a transfer.

I am not sure about the second case mentioned in the story, but am assuming that it is another officer from the Mayerthorpe incident. It could be from the incident in Sask. That would be another hard situation for them to handle.

CTV Edmonton - Man medically discharged from RCMP sues Mounties - Canadian Television
Man medically discharged from RCMP sues Mounties

Updated: Tue Mar. 17 2009 16:10:32

A man who served with the RCMP in Mayerthorpe is suing the Mounties for the trauma he said he suffered after four of his fellow officers were gunned down near the Alberta town.

Former constable Allen Starman was one of the officers who responded to the murders back in March 2005.

Starman said he witnessed the very close aftermath of the shootings and suffered significant nervous shock and suffering and was medically discharged from the RCMP in 2007.

Starman said he kept working on the investigation, including dealing with the relatives of the dead officers, instead of identifying his health problems,

On Friday, another officer filed a similar lawsuit.

With files from the Canadian Press
No, they should not be able to sue, but some compensation package should be given if they are unable to continue working due to a work related incident.
everyone is suing everyone for everything nowadays, even if you look at them wrong it seems.
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No, they should not be able to sue, but some compensation package should be given if they are unable to continue working due to a work related incident.

Maybe for a very limited period, personally I know I haven't got the stomach or the guts to do a quarter of the stuff the R.C.M.P. does ,But then I wouldn't dream of going for a position I couldn't handle. If you take on a job and accept the wages and the perks you shouldn't be complaining that you can't handle it. 99% of suing (from what I can see) is strictly chicken sh*t. Couldn't the guy take a demotion and a job answering the phone or patrolling school X walks?

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