starting an organization

I live in Lebanon, and although i am not surrounded by underprivileged people (financially), i'm starting to realize that Lebanon isn't limited to my entourage (big DAAAH..i know).

I'm 17 and I'm really interested in art and especially architecture and interior design, so that's what i'm going to do in college. But after that, i'm thinking of starting a nonprofit organization that blends art with helping disadvantaged minors.

I) The vision

- “the children are the future”. As cliché as that now sounds, we should recognize that the children, wheather they come from advantaged conditions or disadvantaged social conditions, will be the ones forming our country. My vision is, therefore, to do my part in rebuilding Lebanon from its roots up, from human values to eliminating corruption.

- to get beggars off the streets, and to give them the pride in being responsible
for earning for what they have achieved liberally.

- to stop child labor.

“ The latest official study conducted by UNICEF (199 indicated
that there were 28.786 working children in Lebanon aged
14 to 17 years. In the category of 10 to 13 years there were
about 3163 working children, about 1.2% of the total of Lebanese
children of that age group. Recent surveys and estimations
suggest that these numbers are continuously increasing.”

- Fourth of all, to give young drug addicts, alcoholics, disturbed under aged and delinquent minors a second chance in regaining their life.

2) mission

i was thinking of opening a workshop for minors where lessons in painting and drawing and carving (etc) will be held. The lessons will be free for the minors who are subscribed to the program and paid for others. and in parallel, i was thinking of opening a gallery to do an exposition on the work that has been done by the children.

NB: I still have time to put it all together and stuff.

I was just wondering if i can get advices on ANYTHING regarding this, really. And especially what major should the member of the board have, etc.


PS: i don't need the BS answers like "F*** Lebanon" ... thanks

umm..and i'm francophone so sry for any English mistake
Welcome to CC, kettyy. I hope you'll get some good ideas from people here.
If you want a major, go be a lawyer. Legal expenses and regulations seem to be the major road blocks of most organizations.
NPOs are the hot ticket. It's a great way to beat the taxman and raise money for personal use.
Hello Kettyy. Many years ago I worked for an organization that did the exact thing you wish to do. Their model is highly regarded. You can study their website and see who the people on the Board are, what sort of programs they offer, etc. COMPAS - Community Programs in the Arts (external - login to view)

I wish you success with your plans.
"PS: i don't need the BS answers like "F*** Lebanon" ... thanks "

That's the last thing you will hear on this forum friend.

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