Another Senseless Murder

I wonder if all those people that are p*ssed about Li will want this guys head as well. | Former pro wrestler accused in nursing home death

"MINNEAPOLIS -- During his glory days as a pro wrestler, Verne Gagne shared the spotlight with other burly men in trunks, guys with names like Killer Kowalski, Mad Dog Vachon, The Crusher and Baron Von Raschke. But all of that seemed well in the past until just weeks ago, when authorities say Gagne, 82 and suffering from Alzheimer's disease, apparently body-slammed a 97-year-old fellow patient at the suburban nursing home where they both lived, causing the man's death.
Bloomington police are investigating, but not even the victim's widow wants to see the dementia-stricken Gagne prosecuted.
"It's been so hard on both families," said Greg Gagne, Gagne's son and a former wrestler himself.
Helmut Gutmann, a former cancer researcher who suffered from dementia himself, died Feb. 14, about three weeks after breaking his hip in the confrontation. Authorities ruled his death a homicide.
Police said there was no clear indication of what set Gagne off, and neither man could remember the incident afterward. Behaviour and personality changes are common as Alzheimer's progresses, and victims of the mind-robbing disease can become agitated."
Not a good situation. Dementia is a terrible thing.
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Not a good situation. Dementia is a terrible thing.

Insanity is a terrible thing but unfortunately a fact of life that does cause a lot of damage. In British Columbia we used to have a secure facility at Essondale (near Port Coquitlam) that securely housed these patients until about 20 years ago when a bright politician decided we could save a bundle of money by turning them loose to walk the streets, which they are still doing and much to the chagrin of the present politicians will still be doing for the whole wide world to see in February 2010.

Not a good situation. Dementia is a terrible thing.

So is schizophrenia but that doesn't seem to stop some folks from frothing at the mouth.
I have met both Vern and Greg. They have always been genuinely good guys who treat their fans very well.

Unfortunately, Vern (who up to now always kept himself in excellent physical conidtion) has lost control of his faculties due to age related dementia. This has been reported locally since both live here in the Twin Cities. And it has been very bad news for everyone here as he has always been a genuine pillar of the community.

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