Where business is booming

Saskatchewan has 10,000 job openings. Bring your parka.


By Jon Birger, senior writer
November 4, 2008: 5:10 AM ET
(Fortune Magazine) -- Cold, landlocked, and boasting as its largest metropolis the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan may not be top of mind for most Americans. But the Canadian province is one of the richest spots in the world when it comes to natural resources. It's the world's largest producer of uranium. It's the biggest producer of the fertilizer potash (current price: $1,000 a ton, up from $300 this time last year). It is the world's largest exporter of green lentils and chickpeas. And it's home to enormous supplies of oil and gas: The U.S. buys more oil from Saskatchewan than it does from Kuwait. No wonder the CEO of one Fortune 500 company - Jim Prokopanko of Mosaic, which has a potash mine near the town of Esterhazy - describes the prairie province as "the next sovereign wealth fund."
Indeed, Saskatchewan - for the geography challenged, it shares its southern border with Montana and North Dakota - today enjoys Canada's fastest-growing economy; its GDP is expected to rise 3.9% this year, compared with 0.9% for the country as a whole, and it has a $3 billion budget surplus. Entrusted with "not screwing it up" (his words) is Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, the pro-business...

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