Going hunting inBMW Z4.


Driving on the autobahn in Germany at 140mph in his BMW Z4,the Driver Hit a Deer...
The deer disappeared...
The driver stopped and wondered where did the deer go.......???

It's a good thing they don't have any Moose there!

For all you deer hunters, this is how you pack a 150lb deer into a BMW Z4 convertible....

L Gilbert
This has showed up in my email box 3 times. lol
Anyway, I bet your average Japanese, American, Korean, etc. product wouldn't still run like the Bimmer did. lol
Can't see any pics, BTW. I havemn't had any luck posting pics lately either. I thijnk there's a deer in the forum engine (or at least a bug in the works).
I assume the driver eventually found the deer. Here is a link to a news article:

Deer accidents in Germany. Processed and cooked at 140 mph. Germany
That deer was certainly extruded into the engine compartment of that bimmer. If the deer had been a little higher it would have gone through the windshield and taken the driver out as well.
Thanks for the great pictures.
Ron in Regina
I've seen a lot of roadkill, but NOTHING like that EVER!!! Wow...
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Thanks for the great pictures.

Hey, sometimes links just don't work......Not a problem...

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