Another Female Pedophile Caught. In the Act Even.

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The only problem with that is... you can NEVER have faith that your child is safe. Pedophiles always have a first. While I'd like to see stiffer sentences, the idea that warehousing them for life will create a safer environment for children seems flawed to me.

Right again old wise one, we have two young grand daughters who live with us (8 & 12) and even in this small town we are never fully relaxed when they are out of our sight, terrible way to live, to the point of unreasonable paranoia really, but better to be safe than sorry.
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Where have I heard recently, that a society can be measured by how it treats the lowest of its members? It seems to me that things like this would necessitate going beyond slippery slope, to downright experimenting on prisoners and those we've deemed unfit members of society.

Now that depends alot on what these people want? Do they want to be pedophiles or would they jump on a cure and a normal life if they could?

Alot of disorders require gene therapy and or surgery to fix. That doesn't mean people don't wish the treatments.
Fair enough Zz, some may volunteer. But then once you've found the cure, can you force a prisoner to have their brain wiring rearranged? It harkens back to the days of lobotomies. And even if you manage to forcibly change that one aspect, have you created a good citizen? Or have you violated them in a way that's completely unique, and created someone with a major grudge, who may be willing to look past what now feels natural, and go after kids for the pure revenge of it anyhow?

The human brain is a tricky thing, and human behaviour tends to be governed by much more than just the wiring.

While I agree with you that it's still beneficial to look for a fix, I just have little faith that even my kids will see one come about in their life time.

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