Madoff 50 Billion dollar scam

Last evening I watched 20/20 for the first time in about 10 years. They covered some of the Madoff scam. It said some people, one being Kevin Bacon, have lost their entire life savings through this guy. One of the Gabor sisters has lost a 10 million dollar investment, most of which was her entire nest egg aside from some ritzy living quarters. Most of them live in West Palm Beach where Madoff lived. Stephen Spielberg is out something like 50 million. Imagine taking that kind of wealth and flushing it down the toilet. Greed has a way of biting back. That community will never be the same.
Man oh man, I hope he is happy while "in his own prision". What mental anguish he has caused himself and many others? Money can be the root of all evil. In my opinion it was the "game" of power and smarts that perhaps made him play" all the others out of their savings. Is he chuckling now? Does he feel shame, remorse, sorrow, compassion for all that he did?
As for greed, I have to agree, it's never enough for some people and they take big risks. Lesson to be learned?
When Madoff has to serve time in federal prision, if he lives long enough, will he chuckle?
This is one example that makes me feel sad about humanity.
I find it sad too. The pit of my stomach turns thinking that people can live the dream then have it dashed by one person. And it seems like half of the wealth on this planet is a ponzi scheme of one type or another. He doesn't look too remorseful. He's probably relieved the jig is up and he doesn't have create fake statements anymore.
True Kreskin I agree!

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