Arnie Schwarzenegger joins the ranks of the girlie men

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So this is what things have come to here in America's most financially powerful state - a state whose $1.8 trillion economy is theoretically the eighth-largest economy in the world (just behind the United Kingdom, France, and Italy). If you thought that the collapse of Iceland made things tricky, confidence-wise, just wait until this sucker goes down. Which it is expected to do this week or next, as it technically becomes insolvent, unable to pay tax refunds, repair roads and bridges, keep schools open, or indeed provide a wage for anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves on its payroll.

YouTube - Dont Be Economic Girlie Men

Things are tough here for sure. I'm sure it's one of the main reason people are so pi$$ed about that woman having octuplets while on welfare.
This governor is so busy trying to orchestrate some underhanded events that it isn't even funny. He is trying to privatize the State Employees Retirement System, the Health Benefits System and other parts of this state government with the pretense that this will be better managed and more economical. My take on it is he appointed some of his business associates to Chair certain Commissions and Review Committees for the purpose of enriching those very persons he appointed. This guy is truly an actor and not very good at that either.
Why doesn't California issue bonds? Call them Girlie Bonds.

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